Vol. 16, No. 11 – Feb 22 – Mar 7, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 2/1

10:35am, while on patrol in the Fireboat observed a large tree in the surfline at the Santa Clara River breech. Officers were able to take the Hazard-to-navigation en tow and released near powerplant, in less populated waters/beach.

Friday 2/3

10:04am, dispatched to smoke near 1300 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded in Fireboat and searched the South and A-Basin of the harbor. Unable to locate any smoke or fire. VFD continued the search on land towards Riverhaven.

6:45pm, received a mayday call from the wife of fisherman and his son with a disabled 17ft aluminum vessel in the sandtrap, against the North Jetty. Officers responded in the Fireboat, passed tow line and pulled vessel off the rocks. The skipper was able to restart outboard & officers escorted back to the launch ramp.

Saturday 2/4

8:05am, received request for found property, a lost surfboard that was found at Surfers Knoll. Officers received the property earlier in the week and returned it.

12:47pm, received request for a tow from Leo Robbins support boat. Officers responded in Fireboat and towed the vessel back to city sailing center docks.

7:55pm, received request for a tow from a disabled electric boat near the fuel dock. Officers responded in Fireboat, assisted vessel back to the keys.

Sunday 2/5

9:50am, received report of burglary at boutique in Harbor Village. Patrol responded with VPD, found evidence of disturbance from last night.

10:20am, received report of a sick sealion at Hollywood Beach. Relayed contact info for Channel Islands Marina Wildlife Inst. (CIMWI) to report incident.

3:23pm, dispatched to a fall at VWM G-dock. Officers responded with VFD / AMR to 63 y/o female who injured shoulder & collar bone. Patient transported.

Monday 2/6

11:40am, received report of female transient living on park bench at VIM. Officers responded, contacted female, convinced her to move along.

Wednes 2/8

11:11am, received report of a petroleum spill in the A-basin. Officers responded in Fireboat and thoroughly searched the area but were unable to locate a sheen.

11:33pm, closing the West end of the launch ramp with delineators and caution tape. The ramp will be used to dispose of damaged cement docks from the Keys

Thursday 2/9

11:53am, received report of a transient screaming near Island Packers. Officers responded, found subject who was still yelling, did not engage, no laws violated.

Friday 2/10

8:45am, received report from City of Ventura that they have a survey vessel inspecting the Ventura Pier for damage from recent storms and large surf.

9:16pm, while on patrol in Rescue B19, officers issued warnings for fishermen hoop netting in prohibited areas of the Harbor Entrance.

Saturday 2/11

3:07am, received report of an attempted break-in at the Village Market in VHV. Officers responded with VPD to the call and investigation. VPD handled the call

10:30am, received request for a boat ride from an oil platform worker off Carpinteria. Advised that was out of our area and not a service we provide.

4:16pm, dispatched to unconscious person in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR call upgraded to cardiac arrest. Responders performed CPR and all other resuscitation efforts, but unfortunately were unable to restore pulse and or breathing.

Monday 2/13

10:35am, received report of holding tank removal service possibly pumping into Harbor waters at VWM C-dock. Responded, found subject with suspicious activity but no sewage in the water. Issued warning no PFD, discharge into water
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