Vol. 16, No. 10 – Feb 8 – Feb 21, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 1/25

9:10am, officers on patrol in Fireboat, observed and towed a Hazard-to-Navigation, a large log from debris flows, south of the Santa Clara River breech.

Thursday 1/26

2:00am, received report of a prowler in the Ventura Marina Community from a tenant. Advised the caller to contact Ventura PD for police calls.

5:00am, received report of suspicious persons just outside the restrooms at 1510 Anchors Way. Contacted VPD, advised. Officers responded, a group of people scattered on arrival. After search, found the subjects at the launch ramp restrooms. Removed them, advised not to return, no boating business/activity.

5:33pm, while on patrol, observed then issued verbal warnings for insufficient lights and illegal placement of hoop nets to two kayakers in the Harbor entrance.

Friday 1/27

7:02am, observed transient camped on the sidewalk in front of the Surfers Knoll restrooms, officers issued warning for camping, subject complied, moved along.

12:46pm, received request from director of a film shoot in the harbor to use a drone for filming. Advised Harbormaster, then he granted permission to do so.

9-11am, officers conducting in-house boat tow training with Rescue B19 and the Fireboat. Towing evolutions included: long and short tows.

3:31pm, received request for assistance from sea bird rescuer retrieving oiled birds in the Ventura Keys barranca. Officers rescuing birds for rehabilitation.

Saturday 1/28

2:25am, received report of three fishermen harassing a sealion at the launch ramp. Officers responded, found the fishermen on the docks fishing. They advised the sealion was harassing them, they decided to leave. Officers advised of the Ventura Harbor Ordinance regarding fishing in designated areas.

10:40am, received a call from a kayaker who was rescued by officers 20 years ago during a strong East wind event. He capsized at the Harbor entrance and was unable to right or get back on his kayak properly. Officers Hummer and Kabris responded in Rescue B19 after receiving overdue report from the victim’s wife. Officers found him 6 miles offshore, hypothermic. The kayaker was rescued, handed over to medics, recovered for a few weeks in the hospital. He wanted to thank the officers who saved his life on the anniversary, 20yrs ago.

Sunday 1/29

1:55am, dispatched to Portside apartments for a 70 year old with difficulty breathing. Officers responded with AMR/VFD. Patient transported to hospital.

Monday 1/30

12:06pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, observed the Santa Clara Rivermouth breech has moved approximately ¼ of a mile south and still flowing.

Tuesday 1/31

7:33pm, received report of a red flare near the Santa Clara Rivermouth. Officers responded, searched the area along with US coast guard, no vessel found.reeeeeeeefh586666666



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