As I See It

A big idea for the Ventura County Fairgrounds (Seaside Park) is being proposed, that I think is very interesting.

Let’s face it, the fairgrounds needs a new image. It has very old Quonset hut buildings that will never be up-dated and deteriorating grounds.

Many don’t realize the fairgrounds is not owned by Ventura City but by rather the 31st Agricultural District, the state agency that governs the property.

A development team is proposing a new 7,500-seat stadium for a minor league baseball team as part of its massive $319 million plan to make over the Fairgrounds. I can see it now – the “Ventura Breezers” will open their season in 2028.

The project, which is being proposed by Pacific Sports Group, includes modern convention halls, two parking garages and shops and restaurants. It would still be used to host the Ventura County Fair.

Its location would be appealing for a stadium with the beach views and train station right there and walking distance to downtown. Certainly, worth considering, it seems. What do you think of a Ventura baseball team? When I grew up in LA we had the Hollywood Stars.
Based upon the following Trump fans feel that Trump has been exonerated. This is, of course not true. If I hold up a bank on Thursday and you hold up a bank on Friday that doesn’t mean that I am not guilty. Hopefully the DOJ will equally investigate both of these situations and act in a manner appropriate to the severity of the crimes.

Classified documents were discovered at the Washington, D.C., office for President Biden’s think tank, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, in early November as well as at one his homes recently. News broke that another group of classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president had been discovered at another location. This lead to Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing a special counsel to investigate the president’s handling of such documents.

It’s tough to repeat as champs in professional sports (injuries, etc.). Last year’s NFL champions, the LA Rams, finished this year with a 4-12 record and the NBA champs Golden State are now 23-23.

The 6-year-old student who shot and injured his teacher at a Virginia elementary school used a 9mm gun legally purchased by his mother. The student had taken the gun from his residence and put it in his backpack before bringing it to Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia.

In another incident an Indiana man is facing a felony child neglect charge after his toddler son allegedly waved a handgun in the air and pointed the weapon at his own head with his finger on the trigger. Footage of the child playing with a gun in a stairwell was captured by a neighbor’s security camera.

The parents of these kids should be prosecuted and held responsible. If the teacher had died who would be responsible for her death? Certainly not a 6-year-old.

A pair of pants being advertised on TV has a hidden phone pocket. What if you needed your phone but couldn’t find it?

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