As I See It

The federal omnibus bill includes $28.9 million for 17 different projects in Ventura County, including. $750,000 to bring air conditioning to E.P. Foster Library. Foster is the only library without air conditioning in the county library system. Now, at least people will go to the library to cool down, and maybe they’ll even pick up a book.

The City Manager is the most influential job in Ventura’s city government. He controls millions of dollars and impacts Ventura for years to come. He (so far only males) does this with little oversight from a part-time City Council. A search is now under way to replace Alex McIntyre. Previously, the Council voted unanimously without debate to accept a separation agreement with McIntyre and a general release with a settlement payment of $150,000 in exchange for a waiver of any claims against the city. He could have received a much higher settlement during litigation.

When I was young (A long time ago), I thought there was a country named Panavision because movies always stated “Filmed in Panavision.”

Bill Gates has given $5 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to back the grant maker’s work in global health, development, policy and advocacy, and U.S. education. Wonderful that he does this and isn’t focused about developing Mars to make it into Gatesville.

William Singer, the college admission consultant who bribed coaches and rigged exams to get children of his wealthy clients into universities, has been sentenced to three years and six months in prison. It is rumored that he asked the judge to give him four years which would give him time to obtain a BA degree in license plate manufacturing. He also tried to bribe the warden to put him on the prison water polo team.

Just when we think we have enough laws, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed 997 of them in 2022. This is not new as hundreds of new laws are created every year. Here’s a couple of my favorites to make life safer and better for all of us are:

Creates a new state holiday, The Lunar New Year, under which state workers can receive 8 hours of holiday credit for that day.

Repeals a misdemeanor law against loitering in public for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. I support this. Prostitutes should have the same right to loiter as do people standing outside their work places smoking.

Creative expression from music to books are restricted from being used as evidence in criminal proceedings. After it was found that many men of color were being prosecuted using their lyrics as evidence. On the other hand, it was found that singers who sing God Bless America were much more likely to be found innocent of crimes.

I went spear fishing and caught 4 spears, but they were too small so I had to throw them back. in.

There is a 988 hotline to help people who are experiencing a mental health emergency. The nationwide helpline is staffed with mental health counselors. Since its launch in July it has fielded approximately 8,000 phone calls a day from those seeking help. With so many of our youths, and adults, struggling with mental health issues, it is important that they know about this service.

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