Vol. 16, No. 06 – Dec 14 – Dec 27, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 11/22

4:16pm, dispatched to a fall patient at the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to assist a female, AMR transported to hospital

Wednes 11/23

8:00am, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers deployed a rescue swimmer at South Beach to assist an inexperienced bodyboarder without fins and a surfer on a wavestorm caught in a strong rip current. The pair were assisted to shore, educated on rip currents and safer areas to learn to ride waves.

10:48am, received 911 dispatch of a disabled 35ft sailboat near #2 entrance buoy. Officers responded in Fireboat, towed vessel to the Derecktor boatyard.

6:30pm, contacted a kayaker without lights or a lifejacket in main channel while on patrol. Escorted female to her boat at VWM E-dock. Eventually the owner of the vessel contacted patrol, advising she didn’t have permission to be on his boat. Contacted VPD and had the ex-wife removed from the boat.

Thursday 11/24

9:25am, received distress call from US coast guard, unknown location. Officers searched offshore and throughout the harbor on two separate vessels. After investigation, the distress call was from an aground sailboat at Santa Cruz Island

Friday 11/25

3:45pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, observed a 10ft inflatable with 1 POB disabled near Harbor Cove. Officers took the vessel en tow to VHV C-dock.

Saturday 11/26

9:12am, received a report of a naked female panhandling near the boatyard. Officers responded and found the subject as described. She was convinced to put her clothes back on and to leave the area.

5:20pm, received report of a naked female walking around Harbor Village. Officers responded and found the same female from earlier. She again was convinced to put her clothes on and was assisted out of the harbor.

Monday 11/28 1:25pm, observed commercial vessel speeding in harbor, issued warning.

2:05pm, on patrol received found property, pair of dentures found on the beach.

8:30pm, dispatched to difficulty breathing. Patient smoked too much marijuana.

Tuesday 11/29

10:58pm, while on patrol in Fireboat, contacted two fishermen with illegally placed hoop nets. Issued warning and educated pair where to legally fish.

Wednes 11/30

9:00am, while on patrol, observed 3 large sand caves in the berm at South Beach. Officers destroyed the caves with shovels. Sand caves are dangerous.

10:17pm, received several requests from individuals looking for permission to camp in their vehicles at the launch ramp or Spinnaker Dr. Advised of the no camping ordinance in the harbor, and gave advice on possible areas to park.

Friday 12/2

10:36am, while on patrol in Fireboat, dispatched to medical in Ventura Marina Community. Officers notified dispatch of delayed response. After docking, officers responded in vehicle and assisted VFD/AMR with the call.

2:41pm, received request to assist bird rescue with an injured pelican near the Santa Clara Rivermouth. Officers responded, but were unable to locate bird.

3:40pm, received report of a Hazard-to-Navigation, a mattress, in the Harbor Entrance. Officers responded in Fireboat and searched but were UTL hazard.

Saturday 12/3

11:23am, received report of a deceased sea lion floating near VHV C-dock. Officers responded in Rescue B19, found the sea lion, towed out to sea.

Sunday 12/4

10:05am, observed then removed a large tree from the Pierpont Basin that most likely came down the barranca. The tree was pulled out at the launch ramp with the truck after officers towed it there with the Fireboat. Removing various other debris/hazards from the Basin that came down the barranca at the keys entrance.

Monday 12/5

12:16pm, received report, a naked female transient on a vessel in VWM without permission. Officers assisted VPD with the call. The subject was arrested.


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