Vol. 16, No. 05 – Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2022 – As I See It

by Sheldon

To clarify a little confusion, I am still the publisher-editor of the Ventura Breeze. Just not writing my long column, but I have decided to write As I See It, which won’t take nearly as much time. This is the first one. Maybe won’t run in all issues.

Congratulations to our new (one re-elected) city council members:

Liz Campos, Jeannette Sanchez-Palacios, Bill McReynolds and Jim Duran.

President Biden has turned 80, making him the first octogenarian in the Oval Office. Big deal – I’m the first octogenarian publisher-editor of the Ventura Breeze.

According to a recent study, men with higher IQs are more inclined to bet on horse races. They were shown to be more likely to partake in skill-based gambling, such as horse racing, choose more complicated betting options, and spend more money (and I assume lose more money). Don’t misinterpret this – all men who bet on horses do not have a high IQ.

Recently, I cooked a frozen dinner. It said to cook for 16 minutes and 10 seconds. I took a chance and just cooked it for 16 minutes and it was fine. Sometimes in life you just need to take a chance.

Recently a couple was married at a McDonalds. They spared no expense in deciding on McDonalds over In-N-Out.

I purchased range free mayonnaise. Feel good about it, hate to think of mayonnaise cooped up in a little cage.

A 16-year-old recently graduated from Harvard. Big deal, he couldn’t even drive to class. “Mommy, will you drive me to school today. I have 5 physics classes?” It is rumored that he still believes in Santa but also understands how reindeers can fly.

The Anacapa Brewing Company who opened in 2000 – has closed. Like many businesses (especially restaurants), Anacapa faced tough times since the start of COVID. The closing of Main St. to traffic and adding outdoor seating has helped many businesses, but it has become tough for too many.

In cowboy movies the doctor is always an alcoholic and near the end of the movie needs to remove a bullet from the hero. He says, “I can’t do it my hands are shaking.” “You can do it doc.” “I’ll try just give me one more drink.” He finally removes the bullet from John Wayne and is a hero.

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