ARTLIFE Limited Editions placed in numerous library collections

The ARTLIFE Foundation has placed ARTLIFE Limited Editions in the library collections at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the University of California at Berkeley.

MoMA added 85 issues to fill gaps in their existing collection of ARTLIFE. UC Berkeley added over 181 issues to their current Special Collections in the Bancroft Library. The Library at the Whitney Museum added 199 issues of ARTLIFE.

ARTLIFE is the original collaborative art publication created and edited by Joe Cardella. Artists from around the globe mailed up to 150 original prints, collages, drawings, and visual poetry which were assembled into monthly issues of 30 to 40 pages. Cardella published 11 issues per year from 1981 through 2005, a total of 275 issues over 25 years.

At one time, ARTLIFE Editions sold at Museum gift shops throughout the country including the Guggenheim and LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). ARTLIFE Editions can also be found in library collections of the LA County Museum of Art, Yale University, Harvard University, the Getty Research Center, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and more.

The ARTLIFE Foundation is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving artist Joe Cardella’s lifework and legacy. Joe passed away in May, 2018. The ARTLIFE Foundation maintains Cardella’s home studio and archives, housing over 400 works of object art and a complete set of the ART/LIFE Limited Editions. By providing these volumes to museums and libraries, we are ensuring that these seminal works, ARTLIFE Limited Editions, are available to art historians, researchers, and creators for years to come.

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