Vol. 16, No. 03 – Nov 2 – Nov 15, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 10/11

8:01pm, while on patrol in vehicle, observed thunderstorms South and East of the Harbor. Officers updated the weather message board at launch ramp and contacted boaters who were heading out, warning of the hazardous conditions.

Wednes 10/12

12:21am, received report of an alarm sounding near 1691 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and found a door to the wash and restrooms was ajar. Secured door.

1:30pm, officers attending interagency Firefighting training with Ventura City at the Ventura Port District with the fireboat and other related equipment. During training, NWS called advising severe weather, thunderstorm, training canceled.

Thursday 10/13

5:34pm, dispatched to an unconscious person at Water’s Edge restaurant. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call. Patient transported to hospital.

7:07pm, while on patrol in Rescue B19, officers educated operator in a small skiff for insufficient navigation lights and hoop nets in prohibited area.

Friday 10/14

9:00am, officers attending Fireboat training with Ventura City Fire at the Port District Harbor Patrol dock with Fireboat 1 and firefighting equipment.

7:15pm, while on patrol in Rescue B19, officers educating fishermen hoop netting around the breakwall. Violations varied from insufficient navigation lights, safety equipment deficiencies and fishing regulations.

Saturday 10/15

1:00pm, new patrol officers short tow and side tow training with small sailboats throughout the harbor, placing vessels in slips.

3:03pm, received a request from State Parks officers to contact 3 personal watercraft in violation of reckless operation at Mondos beach. Officers gathered descriptions and made contact, educated operators at the launch ramp.

4:15pm, received a report of a dog off the leash on South Beach from PD dispatch. Officers responded in vehicle, found a dog off the leash sleeping with its owner near Lifeguard tower 2. No contact made.

Sunday 10/16

1:28pm, while manning the operations center, received a report of a sick/injured sea lion near Marina Park. Officers relayed mammal rescue experts contact info, Channel Islands Marine Wildlife Institute (805 567-1505).

7:10pm, received a report of an unknown person knocking on the door of a Ventura Marina Community unit. Advised to contact VPD, the individual said that PD would not respond. Officers responded, observed PD at the residence contacting the RP. The disturbing party was gone on arrival.

8:45pm, observed a fleet of light boats in the channel, marking where the squid are for the purse seiners. Also noticed several semi-trucks staging on Spinnaker near the Fish offloading pier. Receiving inquiries about the lights in the channel.

Monday 10/17

6:04pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue, para glider in distress upcoast of the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Fireboat to the call. The victim was able to self-rescue after refusing assistance from first responders.

Tuesday 10/18

4:35pm, received a report of a remote-control boat operating in the Pierpont Basin. Advised it was observed and no violations or disturbance noted.

7:45pm, received inquiries about the lights in the East Santa Barbara Channel. Advised it was light boats fishing for squid, specifically holding spots for seiners


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