Vol. 16, No. 02 – Oct 19 – Nov 1, 2022 – Ojai News & Events

A new exhibition, Ojai Day Mandalas, opens at the Ojai Valley Museum. The pop-up exhibit will only be on view for four weeks. It runs through November 6.

The annual Ojai Day Mandala is a long-time tradition. Started by local artist River Sauvageau, she continues to lead a small group of women who plan the design and lead the community painting. The exhibition explores making the yearly Mandala through drawings, photographs, and videos provided by the self-titled Mandala Mavens.

In addition to Ojai Day Mandalas, small exhibitions on a range of topics related to the history of the valley, and a diorama of the Sespe Wilderness, are always on view at the museum.

The Ojai Film Festival spotlights filmmaking in the Ojai Valley, and surrounding areas, with the Gold Coast series which ties up the four days of in-person screenings on Monday, November 7. This year’s Bill Paxton Award goes to Travis Greer, whose narrative feature “Time Capsule” will screen that evening at 7 p.m.

Honorees, including Greer, will receive their awards at a brunch on Sunday morning, November 6, in the Ojai Art Center courtyard. Gold Coast screenings happen at 1 p.m., 4 p.m., and 7 p.m. on Monday, November 7, also at the Ojai Art Center.

The Ojai City Council declined to deal with the decision to allow up to three cannabis lounges in the city. Council members decided to hold off on the item until a new City Council is installed in January.

A cannabis lounge allows cannabis smoking, vaping or consumption of edibles on-site. Port Hueneme is expected to open the first cannabis lounge in Ventura County this fall.

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