Remembering delightful Breezy

Sheldon Brown from August 24 Breeze
I so very sorry to report that the most wonderful Breezy (Deena) Gledhill has passed away from cancer at only 45-years-old. Last summer she told us that she was cancer free and how wonderful that was. But, cancer does what it wants and it returned with a vengeance. Her spirit through all of this was unbelievable and an inspiration to all who knew her.

She first approached me over 10 years ago to become an account executive for the Breeze. With that name I immediately hired her. Without her the paper would not exist as her ability to meet people and have them advertise was great.

I considered her to be my adopted daughter and will miss her always.

Adela Trainor
I saw on FB. I’m so sorry Sheldon. I know how much you loved “your girl”. It is heartbreaking for us left behind but hopefully her spirit is free to be all that we knew her to be, without being held back by a failing body. Let her light shine through all that knew her.

Cindy Summers
She was such a brave and courageous fighter, even when dealing with the lowest points of her struggled she always showed caring, kindness and compassion for others it truly seemed cancer had no chance against her bright light

I never imagined this would happen

Ana Baker
Breezy was just as fun as her name. I will always remember the constant texts she sent me all year to help me in my grief. She was an inspiration and a fighter. Breezy had an amazing soul. My heart will always remember her. I will mis her.

Jennifer Talt-Lundin
I am so, so very sorry to hear that she has passed. I am heart-broken. We absolutely adored Breezy and we have been sending so many positive vibes her way, for her to beat this awful disease and be able to continue to enjoy her beautiful life. She was such a pleasure to work with and she will be greatly missed by all here.

Our hearts, prayers and thoughts are with you and her family during this difficult time. She touched so many people and was such a bright light in our harbor community.

Carol Leish
She would always compliment me on what I wrote for the ‘Ventura Breeze.’

She was always positive, even with going through so much. And, I was also impressed with her many posts on Facebook talking about her ‘journey.’

Going to miss her a lot, too. As Judaism says, ‘Her memory will continue to be a blessing.’

Valerie Bereman
Oh Sheldon, I am so very sorry she passed. I only knew her through e-mails, but we became friends on the side. She was so fun and sensitive. What a fighter she was. I am at a loss for words, you were a great family to her

I know. I am so sorry for you and the Breeze family.

Patti Channer
Another bright star in our galaxy.

Lysa Urban
I’m so very sorry and saddened to hear… I didn’t know that Breezy was ill. She was a wonderful, uplifting person. My sincerest condolences to you, her family and the Ventura Breeze family.

Amy Brown
I am so very, very sorry—she was just wonderful and very loved.

Mike Macke
Our deepest condolences to all of her family, and the Breeze family, who we know considered her family. Breezy will be dearly missed and our hearts our saddened by her loss.

With deepest sympathy,

Susan Bejeckian
Sheldon I was so sad to hear today about the passing of Breezy.

She truly was a wonderful person, full of boundless enthusiasm.

I will really miss working with her.

Jennifer Buckley
Hi. Just wanted you to know I’m very sorry about Breezy. I know she had become like family. She cared for both of you so much and was happy to be included in family celebrations. A lovely person. She will be missed.

Alfred J. Lewis
For the decade she was part of the paper I have to say, with absolutely no reservations, it ran like a Swiss watch. The clients loved her as well.

She always kept her private live private, but she had a great sense of humor and, try as I might, I could never get her goat. She was completely bullet proof, right up to the end.

Breezy loved guinea pigs, so I started sending her guinea pig videos on Instagram. I didn’t know what else to do, I knew things weren’t going well and I wanted to do something. Anything. She always seemed to enjoy them. I hope she did. I hope it made things a tiny bit easier.

I don’t pray and I gave up drinking so I can’t offer a toast. I’ll say I miss her and leave it at that.

From Reardon
With deep sorrow and much love, we mourn the passing of Deena “Breezy” Gledhill, who lost her courageous battle with cancer on August 22, 2022 at the age of 45.

Breezy was special from the day she was born. Making her debut on 7/7/77, Breezy’s arrival made the local newspaper in Burbank, California, where she was born to lucky parents, Denise and Don Gledhill. Breezy grew up in nearby Santa Clarita, graduating from Saugus High School in 1995 and going on to earn a BA from Chapman University.

In 2008, Breezy made the move to Ventura, California, where she immediately fell in love with the community. Breezy’s luminous spirit enabled her to develop authentic and lasting friendships wherever she went. From her first local job as a server at Mimi’s Cafe to her years working with The Ventura Breeze newspaper, Breezy built an army of friends who would forever be changed for the better, just for having known her. One of Breezy’s passions was working with the senior community. She spent much of her time being a chaperone on field trips and visiting her senior buddies, who she loved to spend hours with, listening to their stories from the past. Breezy cherished these moments and the bonds she made.

Breezy was a free spirit, who danced to the beat of her own drum and had a heart of gold… or perhaps tie-dye. In her free time, Breezy loved playing her Little Martin guitar and listening to the Beatles on Sunday mornings. Live music brought her joy, especially Tom Petty and Pearl Jam, and she was so proud to watch her brothers play throughout the years. The beach was her happy place, where she found beauty, inspiration, and solace. It was along the rocks at Surfer’s Point where Breezy first discovered that she had a raw talent for photography, capturing stunning pictures of both nature and people. Breezy’s greatest joy, however, came from spoiling her niece, Louvelle, and Breezy would revel in sharing Louvelle’s latest photo, or funny anecdote, with anyone she met.

Breezy’s sincerity, dedication to others, and empathy had an impact on every life she touched, which could be seen by the sheer number of old friends and new who reached out, dropped by to visit, and/or offered support to Breezy during her cancer fight. Her last two years were not easy but are a testament to Breezy’s strength and heart that she never stopped fighting and never allowed cancer to steal her love of life.

The world has lost an incredible human being, and she will be greatly missed.

Breezy is survived by her mother, Denise Gledhill, her brothers, Doug and Derek, her half-brother, Scott, her sister-in-law, Sheryle, and her niece, Louvelle.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to The Humane Society of Ventura County or The VCAAA Foundation. Arrangements are under the direction of the JOSEPH P. REARDON FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION SERVICE, Ventura.

Sheldon, Staci Brown and James Gray enjoying a day out with Breezy
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