Aloha Beach Festival gives back to the community

On Sept. 3 & 4, the 14th annual Aloha Beach Festival was held at Promenade Park Surfers Point in Ventura. The event featured live entertainment, surfing, arts & crafts, food and beer, Hawaiian dancers and the C-Street Classic surf competition.

John Brooks and Chipper Bell are all smiles at the Festival. Photos by Patricia Schallert

It is the brainchild of Chipper “Bro” Bell, a 12-time world Frisbee champion. The Aloha Beach Festival was designed to give back to our local social and environmental organizations. Chipper and his family each year choose a charity organization and they volunteer for them for one year. Each
year the Festival has grown in size and scope and brings the community together to share the aloha spirit. This year’s proceeds went to benefit the Merito Foundation.


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