Under the umbrella, “Life Cycle,”

Tamiko Jordan taps into the cyclical flow of life.

Under the umbrella, “Life Cycle,” three artists’ solo exhibits tap into the cyclical flow of life, whether it’s the changing nature of an artist’s style and interests over time or the rhythms of nature itself.

These BAA artists are Bonnie Quan of Ojai, with “Tiny Paintings: A Mini-retrospective”; Tamiko Jordan of Ventura, who titled her show “Ebb and Flow”; and Michelle Nosco of Ventura, who chose the theme, “Portals: Sacred Sites and the Circle of Life.”

At Studio 99 @ The Bell Arts Factory

Location is around the back of the building off of Wall St.

Now thru October 1, 2022.

Open Fridays and Saturdays, noon to 4pm

View or purchase all of these artworks and more on our website at BuenaventuraArtAssociation.org

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