Vol. 15, No. 23 – Aug 10 – Aug 23, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Thursday 7/21

7:11am, dispatched to a traffic accident on Harbor/Schooner. Officers responded with VFD/AMR/VPD to the call. Unfortunately, patient DOA from major crash.

4:33pm, dispatched to an overdose at VWM. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to the call. Narcan administered, patient transported to hospital.

Friday 7/22

9-11am, receiving multiple calls regarding dead/sick sealions up and down the coast. Officers advised callers, sick/injured/dead mammals, contact Channel Islands Marine Wildlife Inst. (CIMWI), the organization that deals with mammals. Officers are not equipped or trained to handle animals.

Saturday 7/23

2:10pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue, 10 persons caught in a rip current. Officers responded in Rescue Boat 19 to assist State Parks Lifeguards. All the victims were pulled from the rip current and returned to shore.

Sunday 7/24

9:30am, received report of juveniles urinating outside the launch ramp restrooms Officers responded, found the individuals and removed them from the Harbor.

3:19pm, received report of tar in an excessive amount offshore and on the beach at Solimar. The RP advised it was the most tar they have ever witnessed since moving there. Asked how long they lived there, they replied 2 months.

Monday 7/25

11:18am, dispatched to stingray strike at Surfers Knoll Groin. Officers responded with hot water to treat the injury. Patient treated and released.
Wednes 7/27 4:30pm, observed two PWC’s operating in violation of speed and wake ordinance in the main channel. Conducted a safety inspection, found several violations, issued warnings for discrepancies and speeding.

Thursday 7/28

4:55am, dispatched to unknown medical at end of Navigator Dr, parking lot. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and assisted a adult female with multiple ailments/issues. The patient was assessed, then transported by AMR.

2:03pm, dispatched to stingray strike at Harbor Cove. Officers delivered hot water to State Parks lifeguards to treat the injury.

Friday 7/29

9:50am, officers en route in the Fireboat to monitor the State Parks Junior Lifeguard pier swim. All participants were successful or aided by lifeguards.

10:29am, received request to use the beach wheelchair. Officers delivered the chair to Harbor Cove beach for use.

4:47pm, received report of a female transient casing/rummaging through property in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VPD, searched the area, but were unable to locate the suspect.

Saturday 7/30

11:47am, dispatched to a public assist, dog stuck on the end of the jetty at San Pedro Lane. Officers responded in the fireboat to assist. The dog was rescued by State Parks Lifeguards and returned to the owner.

4:18pm, dispatched to unknown medical at 1559 Spinnaker. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with an unconscious female. She was transported to hospital for intoxication/confusion. Unsure where she was or how she got there

Sunday 7/31

4:50pm, dispatched to a stingray strike at Harbor Cove, officers responded with hot water to help State Parks treat the injury. Patient treated, then released.

10:50pm, received request to use Port Districts longdock to secure the crew boat “Alan T” to clear a prop that was fouled. Granted permission to use dock.

Monday 8/1

1:03am, received report of alarm sounding in direction of the NPS building. Officers responded, contacted an NPS employee on scene. They advised that the system has been malfunctioning for some time, that they were working on it.

6:09pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue, missing swimmer at San Pedro Lane. Officers responded in the Fireboat, the swimmer was found on shore uninjured.

Tuesday 8/2

3:10pm, receiving complaints in regard to the NPS alarm sounding at night. Advised they are aware and working on the issue.



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