New 32 foot long mural at Rubicon Theatre Company

The new mural is a combined 32 feet long, oil on canvas, on five panels, and fills the back wall of the downstairs reception room, below the theatre hall and stage at the Rubicon Theatre Company on Main.  The room is a speakeasy like venue for music and art and the design is intended to feel like an animated party is taking place, filled with costumed actors and musical performers, all of whom have played on the Rubicon stage.  They include Carl Anderson, Ted Neeley, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Linda Purl, Melissa Manchester, Lisa Minelli and many more.  The venue has been renamed the Rose Room, after the song “The Rose” written by actor Amanda McBroom. Amanda and her husband, actor George Ball, are central to the mural.  Renowned artist Michael O’Kelly will be painting there almost everyday, the mural is expected to be finished by October.

Some of the faces are temporary waiting for your portrait to be added. Opportunities for inclusion in the mural range from $20,000-$30,000. Take your permanent place on the mural by contacting Bev Ward at [email protected] or 805-667-2912 x,280.

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