Vol. 15, No. 18 – June 1 – June 14, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


4:20am, dispatched to fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted an adult male to his walker. No medical attention given.


1:30pm, while on patrol in Fireboat, officers checked the status of an impounded vessel taking on water. All pumps were working, low water in the bilge.


10:55am, receiving several inquires into the light system on the Port District flagpole. Small Craft (winds sustained 22-33kts or High Surf) warning lights / flag : red light over white light or one red pennant is small craft. White light over red light and/or two red pennants: Gale (winds 34-47kts sustained).


10:05am, officers in the Fireboat providing traffic control for VYC towing “C” buoy out of the harbor and back on station West of the harbor.

12:30pm, received multiple reports of sick pelicans throughout the harbor. Officers working rescue volunteers, capturing, and caging birds. Rescuers are unsure what is harming birds, possibly domoic acid from the recent algae bloom.


6:55am, officers on Rescue Boat 12 assisting officials monitoring the swim portion of “Cal Tri” triathlon at Harbor Cove.

8:45am, State parks lifeguards brought by a participant of the swim that sustained a stingray strike just before the race. The swimmer placed 3rd and was treated with hot water at the Port District by patrol officers.


4:44pm, dispatched to an animal bite on the beach near the Surfers Knoll Groin. Officers responded with VFD, AMR, VPD and Animal Control. A large dog off its leash attacked a young surfer stretching on the beach. Multiple abrasions and lacerations were sustained by the surfer. The incident is under investigation.


2:00pm, received numerous calls regarding sick/injured pelicans throughout the harbor. Officers assisting Rescue volunteers with capturing and caging the birds. No official word on what is causing the dilemma.


9:55pm, observed then contacted female transient going through trash can at launch ramp. The female refused to pick up trash and wandered off screaming.


6:35pm, received report of a female loitering in a business at the VHV. Officers responded, contacted individual and she complied and left the area.


7:35am, while on patrol in truck, observed young surfers having difficulty navigating the sand berm near Surfers Knoll groin. Officers rolled up their sleeves, grabbed shovels and created sand stairs for the youngsters.


6:00am, dispatched to a young female transient complaining of being cold and leg pain. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and assisted the patient. She refused any medical treatment but requested transport.

11:10am, received a report of a 128ft long and 32ft wide military landing craft inbound to the fish off loading pier. Officers responded in Fireboat and Rescue Boat 12 to escort the large vessel. It was safely assisted to its slip at the pier.

8:05pm, observed a motor vessel operating in violation of speed ordinance in the Pierpont Basin.


9:05pm, while on patrol, observed a large group of people cleaning up after a church based memorial service at Harbor Cove. Officers were able to influence the group to pick up debris/trash littered throughout the parking lot and beach.


4:03pm, while on patrol in truck, observed a tent pitched just south of Surfers Knoll. Officers contacted the transient inside, he stated his vehicle was stolen and he was awaiting police to find his vehicle and let him know. Advised to move his abode out of the area while awaiting news of his vehicle. Inquired what type of vehicle so we could look-out for it, he wasn’t sure what type it was


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