The Romance and Charm of “Sobre Las Olas”

by Patricia Schallert

“Sobre Las Olas”, a charming, antique motor yacht has berthed in the Ventura Harbor (At the Portside Ventura Harbor docks) since November, 2021. “Sobre Las Olas”, translates to “Over the Waves”, was built in the 1920’s and its craftsmanship reflects an era long past. Once owned  by JP Getty, this vessel reflects exceptional attention to detail and continues to be a source of joy and historical appeal for the current owners and now the Ventura community.

The yacht was built around the same time Black Tuesday overwhelmed the country in the 1920’s. The original owners were forced to sell it  and JP Getty was an eager buyer. He held on to it until 1932 where it began to change hands several times before being purchased by the current owners. At present time, “Sobre Las Olas” is one of the largest antique classic yachts on the West Coast.

Strolling the decks of this rare beauty, one is left in awe and a special feeling of charm and wonder. The interior is stunning and there is ample indoor and outdoor space to enjoy with guests and one’s imagination. It feels adventure ready and her elegance is apparent.

The decks and railings are teak and the beautiful Honduras mahogany is all original in the dining salon. Smaller touches, like the dining salon’s lighting fixtures, are also all original.

The interior is gracious, clean and smooth with a  superstructure over the back deck. A new galley was constructed and the lounge area has been renovated, with cabinets, windows and lighting refurbished to keep the living area comfortable for guests.

She comfortably sleeps 12, with a master stateroom, 3 bathrooms, a crew’s quarter for 5, a guest cabin for 2, a master cabin, a pilot cabin, and an additional cabin in the back of the hull. The owners are committed to keep the yacht’s original design intact even as they modernize various areas throughout yacht.

Her engines are original 1929 Atlas Imperial diesel engines and two of four are left in existence. A similarly constructed engine from the same era currently sits in the Smithsonian Institute.

Her appeal is timeless throughout the meticulously handcrafted workmanship. Her classic lines and vintage charm have been only enhanced by her extensive updates over the years, making her the perfect blend of old and new. Since it has been in Ventura, the community has embraced it as heads are turned when strolling by on the promenade or sailing by on more modernized vessels.

The waltz “Sobre Las Olas” (or “Over the Waves”) is the best-known work of Mexican composer Juventino Rosas (1868–1894). It “remains one of the most famous Latin American pieces worldwide”, according to the “Latin America” article in The Oxford Companion to Music.

Editor’s note: This is the second article in the Breeze featuring an historically important yacht berthed in Ventura. If you know of a local yacht that might also be historical to be featured in the Breeze let us know at [email protected].

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