Vol. 15, No. 15 – Apr 20 – May 3, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


3:13pm, received a report of an aggressive sea lion that takes over a tenant’s boat at VHV H-dock. Officers relaying information for legal methods and/or strategies of removing marine mammals from docks or vessels.


8:45am, received complaints of an individual living in their vehicle at the launch ramp. Officers investigated; the individual left the area after contact.

11:03pm, contacted transient with multiple personal items in the launch ramp restrooms. The individual was warned of trespassing and moved on.


4:03pm, received report of a dead sea lion near the South Jetty on Harbor Cove. Officers investigated, found the mammal and contacted CIMWI for removal.


7:30am, observed transients setting up a “lean-to” near the Santa Clara Rivermouth breech. Officers contacted and had individuals remove shelter.

11:30am, officers conducting training for two new Harbor Patrol Officers. Practicing close quarters maneuvering with the Fireboat and RWC.


10:30am, received report of a vessel emitting excessive amount of smoke in the mid portion of the harbor, possibly on fire. Officers responded, found the violator near the launch ramp. The vessels exhaust was large, but no fire aboard. Advised to mitigate the issue, if possible, probably some bad fuel.

4:50pm, received request to assist sea bird rescue volunteer. Officers assisted with capturing an oiled Grebe in the barranca storm/irrigation channel.


1:55pm, dispatched to trash can fire on Harbor Blvd. Officers responded with VFD to a male arsonist walking down Harbor. VPD responded to investigate.

3:38pm, dispatched to an injured person in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/VPD with the call. The individual suffers from Dementia and calls regarding physical abuse regularly.


1:37pm, officers observed a vehicle with expired parking permit and registration tags at the launch ramp. Officers issued a parking citation, warning for reg.


5:43am, dispatched to an unknown medical at 1363 Spinnaker, VIM parking lot. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to a man down on the promenade. A 50 y/o male was deceased with signs of rigor mortis. VPD took over the investigation.

8:25am, received complaints regarding Fishing seiners spreader lights are on all night, disturbing tenants throughout the harbor. Advised we would investigate.


6:22am, observed NWS issued Small Craft Advisory. Raised warning pennant.

8:17am, dispatched to vegetation fire near McGrath. Assisted VFD with location and best access to the fire for responding units.

9:30am, Ventura Yacht Club fired blank cannon shotto celebrate opening day.

9:04pm, received report of a vessel listing in VHV commercial docks. Officers responded, investigated and found the vessel had water in the Port fish hold.


12:15am, monitored a fire at McGrath, officers were on patrol and headed that direction. After investigation, determined it was a flare up from yesterdays fire.

6:19am, observed NWS issued Small Craft Advisory, raised warning pennant.

10:55am, received complaint that 3 dogs were locked in a vehicle at Harbor Cove. Officers investigated, but were unable to locate the vehicle.

1:20pm, while on patrol in truck, officer observed two swimmers caught in a rip current at Surfers Knoll. One officer responded from vehicle, one from the Fireboat. One of the victims was unconscious when brought to shore. Officers performed first aid and patient was eventually released at scene.

6:35pm, received request to place a catheter, officers advised not trained at that.


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