Vol. 15, No. 12 – Mar 9 – Mar 22, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Thursday 02/17

1:30am, dispatched to chest pain at VWM C-dock. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient who was transported by AMR.

4:55am, monitored two vessels inbound requesting passing information from the H.R. Morris dredge. Monitored until they were safely in the harbor.

Friday 02/18

12:33am, received report from local male transient parked in vehicle near village that a female transient is screaming while walking. Officers investigated and found the female screaming softly and leaving the area.

10:05am, while on patrol in Fireboat, moved several commercial lobster traps that “walked” to the Harbor Entrance. Placed in lobster grounds off breakwall.

Saturday 02/19

4:15pm, received reports and observed the 55ft sailboat anchored off Greenock Ln. Jetty is adrift and heading towards the North end of the breakwall. Officers responded, but the ferro-cement sailboat rammed into breakwall and sank upon arrival.

5:10pm, received report of persons on a dreamer rental peddle “dragon” boat are running on the Portside docks and jumping into the water. Officers responded, stopped the ruckus, and escorted the vessel/crew back to Dreamer Rentals.

Sunday 02/20

8:20am, working with dredge tenders, Tow Boat US to remove and tow teak debris from the sunken sailboat from yesterday. Placing debris at L/R.

12:30pm, received report of a dock float adrift in the final finger of the keys. Advised RP, City of Ventura is responsible for the keys. Investigated to ensure the dock float was not a hazard to navigation in the fireboat.

11:40pm, dispatched to person stuck in the elevator at Holiday Inn express. Officers responded with VFD/AMR, elevator power restored, no one inside.

Monday 02/21

4:00pm, received several inquires and reports about wood debris from the boating accident from Saturday. Still no diesel sheens observed in area.
Thursday 02/24 9:23pm, while enforcing launch ramp parking, officers removed a large school bus refurbished into an RV for no camping in the harbor.

Friday 02/25

3:33pm, received report of a gun shot from a tenant in the Ventura Marina Community. Advised to hang up and call 911. Contacted PD, no call received.

Officers try to remind callers, contact 911 for emergencies or police calls.

Saturday 02/26

8:00am, Oxnard College Lifeguard academy utilizing harbor patrol facilities for their annual Academy. Officers assisting with boat transports.

11:21am, dispatched to a traffic accident on Navigator, vehicle into irrigation valves near Holdiay Inn Express. No injuries, driver investigated for DUI.

3:45pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue, kite surfer in distress at the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in the Fireboat with multiple agencies. The victim was assisted back to shore, refused medical treatment.

9:07pm, dispatched to an assault at VWM A-dock, officers responded and staged for VPD. No injuries sustained; both had fallen into the water. PD investigating.

Sunday 02/27

8:45am, officers assisting Oxnard College Lifeguard academy with traffic control while candidates swim a course through the harbor.

9:05am, officers escorting a special ceremony out to the #2 buoy in Fireboat.

2:08pm, dispatched to a hazard investigation at Surfers Knoll, black substance flowing into the beach/ocean. Officers responded with US coast guard, VFD. Once again, the culprit: spoil from the dredge out flow, maintenance dredging.

4:40pm, received report of a hazard to navigation adrift in the main basin of the keys. Officers responded, towed the 15ft cement dock float to the launch ramp.

Monday 02/28

1:23am, observed a vegetation fire near settling ponds. Advised fire and assisted with beach transport to investigate. VFD accessed through water plant.

4:37pm, received a single unconfirmed report of a boat fire near VYC. Officers responded in Fireboat, found a motor vessel with heavy diesel smoke, no fire.




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