Helping the mentally ill homeless is not easily done

This is a series of emails that help explain the problems of dealing with the mentally ill homeless (about 1/3 of the homeless).


What is the deal with the guy sitting on Main & Kalorama bus bench in front of Locksmiths for weeks with bedding, etc.   

Same question for the woman who is on Thompson by Borchard Vons there for months with just a spell when she was missing 

Do they spend nights there too, use bathroom?  Eat?  Social services try to intervene? 


Mike Merewether

Sheldon: Will try to find out from city.

Sadly, problem is it is not illegal to be homeless. If police decide mentally ill could possibly put them on 72-hour hold and maybe go to Hillmont. But most mentally ill will not accept help.

Always a problem that is tough to solve.

From the city:

Hi Mike and Sheldon, 

The most up to date information (at the time this was written) on Chantal and Ricky. They both have been difficult cases for years. I can tell you that from my time with Safe & Clean both are reached out to by our outreach team at least once a week, are offered services, have been contacted by the County’s crisis team multiple times, and the Patrol Task Force makes frequent contact. Both are service resistant, but the teams continue to connect with them with hopes that they can continue to build trust and they will hopefully say yes to help. We wish it could be a quicker process and they could get the help they so desperately need, but they have to be willing participants.


Meredith  Hart

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