Answer In a Breeze

Question: On our daily walk, we walk the square around Ventura College. Both Loma Vista and Telegraph Rd have potholes and chunks of asphalt that fly into the gutters and even onto the sidewalk caused by vehicles traveling at 40 to 50 mph.

I live on Johnson Drive in Ventura where road repairs were made awhile back. I couldn’t be more pleased to see how nice and clean and safe our neighborhood is after years of ugly, falling apart streets.

Now back to Loma Vista and Telegraph, a very nice area where property values are important. Too bad about their ugly, falling apart streets. A pretty simple plea.

Sincerely, Diane Ryan

Answer: We turned to Ventura City for an answer.

We are pleased to hear you are enjoying the recent repair of Johnson Drive. Thank you for inquiring about those sections on Loma Vista Road and Telegraph Road.

Loma Vista Road between Day Road and Ashwood Avenue will receive repairs via slurry seal anticipated for this summer. Road repairs typically are completed in summer months as fair-weather conditions are needed for effective asphalt pavement applications. Both those stretches of road were repaired sometime between 2009-2011, according to our Pavement Management Plan, which was completed in July 2016. The section of Telegraph Road, however, has a planned pipeline project that is currently being designed and will have to wait until the pipeline is in place prior to the paving repair.

The City of Ventura has over 700 lane miles and our Public Works Department repairs 40 miles on average each year with current funding availability. To view the nearly $200M in streets and infrastructure capital improvement projects planned in the next five years, visit to view the FY 2023-27 Capital Improvement Program.

To report pothole repair needs, call the City hotline at (805) 652-4590.

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