Vol. 15, No. 11 – Feb 23 – Mar 8, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 02/02

6:00am, National Weather Service issued a Small Craft Advisory for East winds gusting to 30 kts. Officers raised warning pennants at Port District flagpole.

Friday 02/04

11:37am, dispatched to abdominal pain at Waterside restaurant. Officers responded and found the patient as described. After he was transported, got information that the individual was prowling around the business earlier.

Saturday 02/05

7:46am, dispatched to person in the water near VWM E-dock, unresponsive. Officers responded in the Fireboat to investigate, found the body floating face down. Medics arrived, pronounce the person deceased. Coroner removed body.

2:07pm, received a report of a transient threatening an employee of a business in the Harbor Village. Advised of appropriate agency to contact, VPD or 911.

Sunday 02/06

11:00am, overheard VHF 16 traffic and receiving multiple reports of a Commercial Fishing Seiner in violation of speed and wake ordinance in the harbor. Observed vessel pushing a huge wake & steaming outbound at full speed. Officers established contact on VHF 11, and when they did questioned what he was doing. The skipper advised, “he was having a bad day.” The incident is under investigation for damage & eviction from commercial slips.

Monday 02/07

4:32am, dispatched to sick person in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and found the patient naked, pinned inbetween bed frame and various other things. Patient has various issues, deaf, rapid pulse and screaming. VFD medics took over assessment and transported patient.

2:14pm, received multiple reports of a vessel in violation of speed ordinance in the harbor. Officers responded, contacted & issued warning. The operator acted suspiciously, officers brought to the launch ramp for further investigation.

7:30pm, received report of a raccoon blocking the entrance to a unit in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted the tenant with moving the animal out of the way so they could enter their unit.

Tuesday 02/07

7:00am, officers assisting with traffic control in Fireboat 1 so Manson Construction can pull pipe for maintenance dredging, beginning soon.

Thursday 02/10

11:08am, observed repeat offender of the speed and wake ordinance inbound in the main channel of the harbor. Advised the skipper of the violation and forwarding incident to his marina manager for review slip agreement & eviction.

Friday 02/11

4:54pm, received report of a woman pounding on windows of the Surf-n-Taco. Officers responded and found the female transient screaming. VPD arrived, investigating, found no crime committed, just bizarre behavior. She moved on.

Sunday 02/13

5:05pm, received a report of a fuel sheen near VHV Dock. Officers investigated but were unable to locate any significant sheen in the area reported.

11:55pm, while on patrol, officers contacted a group of 20 young males drinking and loitering in VHV parking lot. Officers waiting until the group departed.

Monday 02/14

7:30am, conducting traffic control for Manson dredge being towed into the harbor for maintenance dredging. They are set to begin Tuesday afternoon.

9:52am, dispatched to an unconscious person in the Portside apartments. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient. AMR transported.

4:58pm, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and assisted patient to his bed, no injuries.

Tuesday 02/15

3:24am, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR and assisted patient from floor to his bed. No injury.

1:34pm, dispatched to traumatic head injury in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with AMR/VFD. Patient treated then transported by AMR.


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