Our Ventura TV has launching its first-ever “Faith-Based” TV series

Throughout 2022 each of the Our Ventura TV hosts will include a few of the Ventura County faith-based organizations (FBOs) as part of their routine interviews.  All FBOs are welcome to participate and may become a guest by visiting OurVentura.com and clicking “Contact” to get scheduled. There’s no cost to participate.

Sandra Siepak, one of the Our Ventura TV hosts noted: “We hope these segments will help interested viewers gain a better understanding of our local churches and religions and their value to the community.”

Just like regular Our Ventura TV programming, these interview segments will be broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV, and will be posted online at OurVentura.com, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media networks and can be freely posted on FBO websites.

Host, Monique Nowlin said, “Faith-based organizations are enduring and trusted institutions in the community.”

Many FBOs enjoy committed volunteers, donations, and sometimes access to underserved communities. Certain FBOs may provide older adult programs, free food, gently used clothing, child care, and in some cases, rent and energy bill assistance. Priority is often given to elderly, the homeless or school-aged children.

Host, MB Hanrahan observed, “Faith-based groups can be associated with almost every ethnic and cultural group.”

In addition to their efforts meeting the spiritual, social, and cultural needs of their members, FBOs (such as churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques) work to better the world and their communities by caring for those in need.  This can include soliciting donations to distribute groceries for the elderly and medically vulnerable and providing service to the homeless.

Michelle Hoover, the Director of Our Ventura TV said, “The faith-based series on Our Ventura adds support to the people of the community and, along with our other segments, helps to bring us all closer together.”

Since starting in 2008, the theme for the TV series has been “People doing good things in Ventura County.”  The majority of programs are talk shows featuring guests who are interviewed about their activities in the community. Additionally, there are music and other programs of community interest.

George Alger, the Founder/Producer of Our Ventura TV and one of the hosts stated, “The goal of this series is to represent some of the diversity of Ventura County faith-based organizations.”

This faith-based series does not change routine Our Ventura TV programming, it’s a special adjunct series.

Our Ventura TV is an award-winning weekly talk-show television series broadcast on Ventura cable channel 6 TV and also published on OurVentura.com as well as on social media networks. The programs are primarily about nonprofits, community advocates, leaders, artists and organizations who contribute in some way to the Ventura County community.  Visit OurVentura.com for more information and to become a guest.

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