Vol. 15, No. 07 – Dec 29,2021 – Jan 11, 2022 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 12/08

4:23pm, dispatched to an offshore Search & Rescue for missing fisherman from the commercial boat John Start. Officers responded in the Fireboat and Rescue B17 with multiple agencies to aid in the search. Search patterns were conducted for five hours in the Santa Barbara Channel along with USCG vessels/aircraft & TowBoat US. Sadly, and with heavy hearts, only his vessel was found and he is still missing. Tran was one of the longest tenants of Ventura Harbor, beloved by everyone, he always made the effort to say hello, shake your hand with a huge smile. Fishing, years ago, Tran rescued a former Ventura HP officers’ father in an outrigger canoe accident.

Thursday 12/09

12:30pm, officers assisting the family of Vuong Tran tow his vessel the John Start to be offloaded at the VHV fuel pier and then returned to its slip in VHV.

Friday 12/10

7:36pm, received a report of a vessel hoop netting at the breakwall without navigation lights. Officers responded in Rescue B17, educated operator.

Saturday 12/11

10:05am, received a complaint from a fisherman about another fisherman placing his hoop nets illegally too close to the breakwall. Officers investigated and educated the individual about harbor ordinance on legal placement of traps.

Sunday 12/12

1:15am, dispatched to Ventura Marina Community for female complaining of difficulty breathing. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with call.

8:20am, received report of an alarm sounding on a vessel in Portside F-dock. Officers responded, no issues noted. Owner notified, en route to secure alarm.

Monday 12/13

12:30pm, received request from CIMWI (CI marine wildlife institute) to assist in capture of emaciated sea lion at Harbor Cove. Officers assisted and were successful in capturing the mammal so that it can be rehabilitated.
Wednes 12/15 12:49am, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue at VHV D-dock, 26 y/o male fell overboard from a Commercial Fishing vessel. Officers responded and found the individual intoxicated and hypothermic from water immersion. He refused care.

12:04pm, received a report of an individual harassing sea lions at VIM. Officers investigated, contacted the disturbing party; no evidence of harassment found.

Thursday 12/16

10:20am, contacted a male with three labs off leash at Harbor Cove. Educated the individual about leash law and to please be in control of his dogs due to numerous complaints about the issue.

Friday 12/17

4:15pm, officers preparing for the 2021 Parade of lights, setting turning buoys and answering numerous inquiries about the event.

5:30pm, officers monitoring the parade of lights from patrol vessels and vehicle. Several warnings for safety violations issued to vessels watching the parade.

Saturday 12/18

12:50pm, officers attended the memorial for lost fisherman from the John Start.

1:15pm, officers in fireboat lead a procession of vessels for the lost fisherman.

5:05pm, officers preparing for the second night of the Parade-of-lights. Setting the turn buoys and receiving assignments for the evening.

10:54pm, dispatched to a traffic accident at 1901 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted VPD/VFD with the accident. No injuries occurred.

Sunday 12/19

11:02am, dispatched to a stroke victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with female patient.

Monday 12/20

6:37am, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted the 72 y/o male back to his bed, he refused treatment.





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