The Black Couch Ventura Music Show Down

Guy Martin and Jerry McWorter have joined together to promote local talent.

Ventura based Black Couch Studio and Hi Hat Entertainment have joined together in a creative collaboration with the singular focus of promoting the talents of Ventura’s musicians.

A list of 16 musicians were invited to contribute to a musical stew. The names of four drummers, four bass players and eight guitar players/singers were thrown in a hat and randomly drawn to assemble four bands. Next, a handful of classic rock ‘n’ roll song titles were thrown into a hat, one of which was drawn at random. Each band was given three hours in the studio to arrange, perform and secretly record that song. The randomly selected song was “Midnight Rambler.”

This is where the fun began. As the musicians entered the studio at their appointed time and date, none of them had any idea who they would be playing with or what song they would be recording. The musicians selected for this project represented a cross section of styles, ages and genres and were brought together to celebrate the artistry of making music. The results were amazing. The performances and creative ideas were fresh, inspired and totally different from one interpretation to another.

Most of all, this venture was a barrel of musical fun for all of the artists. It was a great opportunity for musicians to meet and work with fellow players from Ventura that they have never met before.

Now…the public is invited to listen to the results of this project and give their opinion and feedback. On November 19th two of the tracks were released on Black Couch Studio’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts for the world to hear. But… no names were released…just the music. Through comments on all of the social media, Black Couch will tally the votes and see which song is the favorite of round 1. The following week two more songs will be released and again the public votes will be counted and a favorite for round 2 will be announced. The final elimination will be a matchup of the two previous favorites and the public will vote for the final time.

Then…one of the bands will be crowned the first winner of The Black Couch Ventura Music Show Down.

Finally a music video will be released showing all of the musicians involved in the project with some great behind-the-scenes footage of exactly how much fun and music was had by all.

Jerry McWorter Hi Hat Entertainment

Guy Martin Black Couch Studio

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