Painting by numbers has allowed Yana to overcome her anxieties

Yana, paints as often as time allows. Photos by Patricia Schallert

This is Yana. She is an artist living in a townhouse on the Ventura Promenade, she is inspired by the ocean waves and the beautiful sunsets.

Not just any artist, but a “Paint by Numbers” artist. She found great peace in painting by numbers when she was suffering from a severe anxiety disorder. It helped her cope with episodes by keeping her mind occupied and focused. She was an art major in school and could paint with watercolor, oils and acrylic but found that painting by numbers helped in a way none of the other expressions were able to do.

Several “Paint By Number’s” artists have discovered, especially during the pandemic, that it was a perfect activity to keep the mind busy and an inexpensive hobby. Others found PBN was therapeutic and relaxing.  Yana, paints as often as time allows. Her canvas is always ready and she has now branched out to other free form art while she pushes away worries and concerns while she paints. She finds that every stroke is a stressless movement when she imitates other artists or when she is painting by numbers.  These worries and concerns are in many of our lives, and can be gently pushed away for a short time, while painting with numbers.

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