The Bookmark About Libraries and Friends

by Jill Forman

Meet the Staff of Hill Road Library
Your intrepid reporter is leaving town for a family event, so here is an opportunity to learn about some library staff members. Don’t forget to check the library’s web site, facebook page, and Friends newsletter for upcoming events.

Linda Cherry, Librarian
Why did you become a librarian?

Being a lover of books and libraries, I took a part-time job shelving books at my local library when I started college.  I was inspired by the compassion, intelligence, and dedication of so many wonderful librarians I worked with.  After I completed my undergraduate degree, I was promoted to a full-time position at the library providing customer service and training new staff.  While working full-time I decided to get my master’s degree in Library and Information Science.   I am grateful for the relentless support of my colleagues.

What education do you have?

BA in Art History from UCSB
MLIS from San Jose State University

Where were you raised?  Were libraries important in your childhood?

I was raised in California’s Central Valley.
Libraries were and are special places to me.  We did not have much money but that was not a problem when visiting the library.

What is your favorite part of your job?
The best part of my job is being able to serve the public and to be a part of a community that values literacy and learning at all stages of life.  I love learning new things and to be able to be a part of providing that opportunity to others is a joy.

Andrew Tiradeau, Library Technician II
I am a Library Technician II here at Hill Road Library.  I have an Associate degree in History from our local city college here in Ventura. I was born March 21, 1994 in Oxnard at St. Johns. I have lived a majority of my life in Ventura.  I have always been interested in artifacts and anything older than myself.  Libraries especially Saticoy and Foster were essential in feeding my thirst for knowledge and adventure.  From a young age I understood that the past and its stories fiction or non-fiction were tools and ideas that could be used to better understand the present and help create a brighter future.

What makes my position here at Hill Road Library so satisfying is the impact I make on my local community.  Our libraries welcome everyone, no matter the background or current circumstances. Regulars and new Ventura county residents are excited to get that new book or their first library card.  This includes the countless families who utilize our services to ignite curiosity and build a wealth of knowledge for the future generation.  Now that I am here at Hill Road Library, I am able to contribute and give back the same rewarding services that inspired my own journey.

Linda and Andrew are the full-time staff at Hill Road. There are also pages and other personnel that you may see. All of them are and enthusiastic and fun to talk to as these two.

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