Fox Fine Jewelry presents Purely Portraits

Galina Richardson’s art is featured at Fox art show.

Fox Fine Jewelry presents Purely Portraits, an art show with Galina Richardson and Sandy Treadwell until January 2022.

Galina Richardson was born in Russia, where she worked as a translator. Once Richardson moved to the US, she worked in graphic design and then for the FBI. After eleven years, she left to focus on her art. Now, she creates breathtaking portraits in oil, pastel, watercolor, and charcoal.

Raised in New York, Sandy Treadwell moved to Ojai to be closer to family and enjoy the more rural environment. He discovered he had a real talent and affinity for art. He continues to explore his love of “living landscapes” through his work in charcoal. Treadwell often works life-size and is an Ojai Studio Artist.

Fox Fine Jewelry- 560 East Main Street- (805) 652-1800

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