Buena High School teacher releases second novel

A teacher-turned-author.

On October 22, 2021, Buena High School’s Teacher Librarian, J.D. Levin, will release his second novel, A Different Slant of Light. After twenty years of guiding students through literature – first as an AP English teacher, then as a Teacher Librarian – Levin has flipped the script and offered up his own original writing for publication. A Different Slant of Light, the sequel to Levin’s 2020 debut novel, Incomplete, will be released through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, Books-A-Million, and a variety of other retail platforms.

Levin’s first novel, Incomplete, received glowing reviews:

“An engrossing rock-‘n’-roll bildungsroman.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A powerhouse work.” – San Francisco Book Review (Five-Star Rating)

“Levin’s relatable debut is a heartfelt coming-of-age story that channels the passions of adolescence into musical revelations.” Booklife/Publishers Weekly (Grade: A)

Levin’s two novels thread together the disparate worlds of public education and punk-rock music, telling the story of an almost-rock-star musician who trades in his guitar for a podium and becomes a high school English teacher. The author knows these two realms very well: outside of the classroom, Levin is a veteran of the local music scene, best known as the singer-songwriter and guitarist for local indie rock band, Far From Kansas.

Ultimately, Levin’s goals is to humanize educators: “It’s far too easy to view teachers as two- dimensional caricatures, which is far from the truth. Every teacher has a life outside of school, replete with talents, hobbies, secrets, family, and friends. Many have accomplished remarkable things before ever setting foot into a classroom, much to the surprise of their students.”

For this teacher-turned-author, publishing A Different Slant of Light is the culmination of seven years’ worth of hard work. “I hope that my students, colleagues, and the broader Ventura community chase their muses in pursuit of creating art,” Levin says. “If I can do it, so can they.”

For more information, contact J.D. Levin at [email protected] or visit https://www.notsosilentlibrarian.com.

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