Vol. 15, No. 01 – Oct 6 – Oct 19, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


9:55pm, contacted by individuals who lost an iPhone on the beach near Surfers Knoll. Officers assisted with the search and were able to locate the lost phone.


11:00am, officers giving a tour of harbor and memorial to the family and grandchildren of Harbor Patrol Officer Paul Korber who died in the line of duty during a water rescue of a family in the South Jetty rip current in 1998.


10:56am, dispatched to a sick person at Le Petit Café in Harbor Village. Officers responded in Harb 1 with AMR/VFD to assist in treatment of the patient..


7:02am, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to treat an older male with a laceration to forehead and lip. First aid was rendered to the wounds and patient transported to hospital.

8:29am, received report of a hazardous condition in the Ventura Keys. Officers responded and found workers demolishing a cement dock and throwing the debris into the harbor. Officers halted the work, contacted Ventura code compliance to enforce pollution violation. Keys are the jurisdiction of Ventura.

9:50pm, dispatched to traumatic injury on a boat heading back to Harbor, District Longdock. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to extricate/treat a patient with broken leg/laceration from collision. The patient was transported.


12:05pm, received a request for assistance to capture an injured pelican at the S/C Rivermouth. Responded, captured bird and transported volunteer to vehicle.


9:47am, dispatched to a fall victim at Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and lifted the patient, no medical occurred during the fall.

10:49am, observed a thick heavy fog bank rolling in, visibility less than 1/8 mile


6:23pm, received a request for impounded property, an electric bike from several months ago. Officers confirmed the property was still at the District. The individual recovered from a major medical, he will pick the bike up soon


6:00am, observed: National Scholastic Surfing Association putting on Southwest Open season surfing contest at South Beach near the Surfers Knoll Jetty. Hundreds of competitors competing from Mini Groms to Open Mens, boys and girls from all over the State of California. The contest continues tomorrow.

9:27pm, received request from a 70ft sailboat looking for accommodations. Officers were able to find a slip in Ventura Harbor Village for the vessel.


10:45am, received a report of nuisance sea lions on most of the demolished Ventura Isle Marina F-docks. Officers responded but were unable to mitigate the issue, just too many mammals. NOAA has a list online of reasonable methods for property and boat owners to remove sealions from their property.


7:50am, received a report of a suspicious vessel, possibly a panga near Little Rincon. Officers responded in Fireboat to investigate the report. When officers arrived on scene, they found a local commercial fishing vessel retrieving traps.

4:45pm, received 911 relay report from CHP of a large sailboat adrift in the sand trap, in danger of colliding with the North jetty and Breakwall. Officers investigated and found the owner was moving from outside to inside breakwall.


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