Ventura Jogger’s Club was founded in January of 2019

How do you get to join Ventura joggers?

A safe space to get your body moving with fun activities and involvement in local events and charities – welcome to Ventura Jogger’s Club. Upon hearing the name of our community group, people often ask, “Do I have to jog?”. The short answer is no – but we hope after seeing how much fun we have that they’ll eventually join in on our most popular event. The name itself gives a nod to how we began – with community jogs. Now, we lean in to showing up as a group of recreationalists who care about moving our body for the purpose of movement and meeting like-minded individuals who enjoy the myriad of activities we present. We open our club to anyone and everyone, stressing that we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind – and do our best to involve all those who want to join us.

Ventura Jogger’s Club was founded in January of 2019 by Candace Larson. Candace is not a Ventura native but visited many times as a child and fell in love with the area – knowing someday she’d call this area home. She doesn’t describe herself as a runner and didn’t begin jogging until shortly before founding the club. Candace moved to Ventura in 2017, knowing a few family friends and quickly discovered how difficult it can be to make friends as an adult. After a quick battle with pancreatic cancer, her father passed in 2018 and shook her foundation. This massive life change led to a search on how to do things differently, and with the push of Whitney Riles at Findings Market in Downtown Ventura, she started Ventura Jogger’s Club.

The club got their name out with just an Instagram account and a few posts announcing their first event. The first jog had 14 new friends show up, and from there they’ve seen over 300 people come through – some who show up for every event, and others they see every now and then. Event dates are announced at the beginning of each month, for the month ahead, to help joggers plan their weeks. Each jog is about 2 miles and ends at a brewery or a coffee shop to encourage community. The purpose of the club is to move your body, yes, but also to engage and meet new people. Connection and collaboration are at the core of human interaction and while you can jog solo, why not jog with a group that pushes you forward?

How do you join the club? Just show up! On our website,, you’ll find more information on all our upcoming events and how to reserve your spot. We are currently offering jogs, hikes, yoga, and community clean-ups. We also collaborate with other organizations and businesses around town for special events, like our most recent .05K with Ventura Coast Brewing Company and Mile26, and our upcoming Sloshball Tournament. Most events are no cost, but with a formal yoga instructor and some that include delicious beer, we provide those at a low rate. Follow us on Instagram at @vtajogclub for more information and we hope to see you out there!

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