Vol. 14, No. 23 – Aug 11 – Aug 24, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


12:00pm, received report of a stingray strike from State Parks at Harbor Cove. Officers responded with hot water to treat the puncture wound.


1:45pm, received report of a stingray strike at Harbor Cove, tower 3 from State Parks lifeguards. Officers responded with hot water to assist treating the injury.


7:11pm, dispatched to a fire alarm at Portside. Officers responded with Ventura Fire to the call. No fire discovered; Portside maintenance reset the alarm.


6:28pm, received report of an obscene bumper sticker on a vehicle in Ventura Harbor Village. Officers responded but were unable to locate the vehicle.


7:10am, observed the National Scholastic Surfing Association conducting an Open Season event at Surfers Knoll Jetty. Observed a large group of surfers for the event. The competitors were enjoying good waves and conditions.

11:03pm, while on patrol, observed an RV with persons camping at the launch ramp. Officers educated the travelers from Brazil where they can legally camp.


5:15pm, received a report of a water rescue at South Beach with four swimmers caught in a rip current. Officers responded by land in Harbor 1 and on Rescue Watercraft (waverunner) to assist State Parks Lifeguards with rescue. All victims were returned to shore and no injuries suffered by the foursome.


12:50pm, received a report of a water rescue, capsized kayak/person in the water. Officers responded in RB19 to pull the victim from the water and tow the kayak back to the rental dock in the village.


2:10am, observed an 8.2 earthquake occurred in Alaska. Officers checked the Pacific Tsunami warning center for information, no advisory issued for Calif.

3:30am, officers setting up measuring devices and cameras to monitor the predicted arrival of 4:45am of a 0.3ft surge. No anomalies observed.

10:47pm, while on patrol, received report of a fishing hook caught in cheek of fisherwoman. The patient refused medical assistance, officers stood by as she pushed the hook through her cheek and freed it from her face.


9:00am, officers assisting State Parks with junior lifeguard swim at the pier

1:24pm, dispatched to a fall victim in the Harbor Cove restrooms. Officers responded in Harb1 and were able to assist Oxnard Fire 66 with the patient.

4:10pm, dispatched to a water rescue, kite surfer in distress. Officers responded in RB17 and assisted State Parks with the victim who refused assistance.

10:20pm, dispatched to a fall victim in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted Ventura fire with the patient who was lifted, no medical.


8:04am, received report of a dog and persons harassing a skunk at Harbor Cove. Officers responded and cleared the harassers. VC animal control unable to respond, Bird Rescue volunteer responded and captured the animal, relocated it.

3:22pm, dispatched to a medical alarm in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and found a confused male claiming he was assaulted. Ventura PD was requested and took over the call, victim refused medical care.

11:01pm, dispatched to a fire at Portside apartments. Officers responded with VFD and found a fire alarm sounding in an apartment with the stove on. The incident is under investigation


8:59am, dispatched to a sick person in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with a male unable to move because of injury

10:18am, received report of an adrift kayak near the Surfers Knoll Jetty. Officers responded and found a black kayak that appeared to have been adrift for some time. It was towed, full of water back to patrol dock and entered into impound.


12:39pm, dispatched to fall victim near 1559 Spinnaker Dr. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with an intoxicated male. AMR transported to hospital.

7:21pm, received report of sewage odor near Launch Ramp. Officers investigated and discovered a large pile of decomposing seaweed in the sandtrap


4:07pm, received report of transient locked in L/R restroom. Officers responded and removed transient with bike/bike trailer, 32in flat screen TV, large backpack.
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