Vol. 14, No. 22 – July 28 – Aug 10, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


2:30pm, received report of an unconscious male transient on the sidewalk near 1591 Spinnaker. Officers responded and the individual was responsive to shouting to ascertain his condition, the male refused assistance and left the area.


6:00pm, received a report of a male transient aggressively panhandling, using vulgar language in the village. Officers responded, assisted with removal.

11:37pm, received report of transient camping in his truck 1867 Spinnaker parking lot. Officers responded and contacted the individual. Advised he was heading out on Island packers boat tomorrow. Advised to not camp in the future.


4:00pm, received dispatch to chest pain at VHV store. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with care. AMR transported patient to hospital.


3:40pm, received report of a stingray strike at Harbor Cove. Officers responded with hot water for State Parks lifeguard injured during physical training.

7:47pm, dispatched to water rescue at Ventura Boatyard near crewboat. Officers responded and assisted a heavy-set female unable to get out of the water. She was pulled out and was released at the scene without any injuries.


6:54pm, received report of illegal fishing at Ventura West Marina G-dock from a tenant. Officers responded and educated then removed the fishermen from area.


11:22pm, received report of a fight near 1567 Spinnaker in the parking lot between 12 males. Officers responded with VPD and dispersed the crowd.
5:51pm, received report of a vessel sinking in the sandtrap from State Parks lifeguards. Officers responded in Fireboat, passed a tow line to the capsized vessels skipper. The 2 POB’s were rescued by lifeguards and the boat towed to the launch ramp were patrol was able to right the vessel. No injuries reported.


3:50am, received report of a transient sleeping in the Village courtyard. Officers responded and were able to check the wellness, then remove the individual.


8:30am, preparing to tow a 55ft impounded vessel to the boatyard for destruction. The vessel sinking for some time, was towed and hauled out.


4:57pm, received a report of a large peddle boat was caught in the wind near the barranca, entrance to the keys. Officers responded and assisted the trapped boat.

11:55pm, received complaint that transients were camping in the launch ramp restrooms. Officers responded and found the transients as reported, they were educated about the violation and removed with their property.


11:12pm, dispatched to a fall victim near 1591 Spinnaker restrooms. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with an intoxicated uncooperative male. Vpd was requested and the patient arrested then transported to hospital for hd injury.


11:00am, received complaint of a large church group at Harbor Cove, disturbing the peace. Officers investigated, educated the group of permitting, noise level.

12:33pm, received report of stingray strike at Surfers Knoll. Officers responded with hot water to treat the injury; patient self-transported to hospital.

6:20pm, dispatched to water rescue at the Ventura Pier. Officers responded in Fireboat to assist a windsurfer in distress. Subject returned to shore.

6:40pm, received report of a vessel “shooting-the-pier” from State Parks. Officers responded and educated the skipper at the launch ramp.



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