New emergency alerting system outfitted on Ventura Police Cars

The Ventura Police Department’s patrol vehicles are now equipped with new Hi-Lo sirens, a different sound than traditional sirens, used to alert residents to evacuate.

The new warning system will be used when VPD has issued an evacuation order, and in all disasters where there is an immediate threat to life, including wildfires, earthquakes, and floods.

The Hi-Lo warning system is a European-style alert that rocks back and forth between two fixed pitches, one high and one low. Regular emergency sirens sound more like a repeated yip-yip-yip or wailing sound. To receive emergency notifications use VC Alert at

The Hi-Lo Warning System was made possible due to California Senate Bill 909. The urgency statute was signed by Governor Newsom on September 29, 2020 and took immediate effect.

To hear the new Hi-Lo Warning System, visit or watch the video on the City’s YouTube channel at

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