Vol. 14, No. 21 – July 14 – July 27, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


2:40pm, received report of a capsized sailing vessel near the Ventura Yacht Club. Officers responded, pulled the skipper from the water and dewatered the vessel. The skipper and vessel were towed to the launch ramp.


8:37am, dispatched to cardiac arrest at VHV I-dock. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to the call. Unfortunately, the patient was deceased for some time and responders were unable to revive the victim, a 70 y/o male.

8:01pm, dispatched to a fall victim at Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded, assisted VFD/AMR with the patient who was transported to hospital


11:52am, dispatched to a stingray strike at Harbor Cove, tower 3. Officers responded with hot water to ease the pain of the poison in puncture wound.


4:25am, contacted by a group of swimmers practicing for a swim from Anacapa Island and utilizing lights/glow sticks to illuminate themselves while swimming.

7:50pm, an elderly male came to the office looking for lost property. The individual was suffering from Alzheimer’s and was eventually escorted to his home in the keys and reunited with his wife.


2:58am, received a report of a crane barge from VIM’s dock project adrift in a finger of VWM phase I. Officers responded with the fireboat and Rescue B17 to the incident. Officers were able to stabilize the barge with assistance from an employee of the construction company. Miraculously, only minor damage was caused by the large crane barge drifting into the marina.


12:50pm, received a request to remove a dead sea lion near the Ventura Rivermouth at Surfers Point. Officers advised that the area is out of Harbor Patrols jurisdiction and recommended contacting City of Ventura and a local agency CIMWI (channel islands marina wildlife institute) to assist with removal


10:03pm, educating several recreational vehicles parked throughout the harbor on City’s oversized vehicle ordinance and Port District’s no camping ordinance.


6:50pm, received a report of a disabled sailboat colliding with moored vessels in the Derector marina from TowBoat US. Officers responded in RB17 and investigated the boating accident; minor damage was observed and the disabled vessel was towed to the Port Districts longdock until it is towed South in the AM


6:45am, received a request to assist Ventura PD with a wanted individual in the area of the launch ramp. Eventually the suspect was arrested without incident.


9:36am, received report of four personal watercraft operating recklessly in the surfline near Faria beach. Officers advised they will attempt to contact the group if they head back to Ventura Harbor. Contact was made at the launch ramp.

11:21am, dispatched to a fall victim on fishing vessel Pacific Dawn. Officers responded and assisted the patient off the vessel and to the AMR paramedics gurney then they transported the patient with a back injury from the fall.

4:45pm, received report of a water rescue near the entrance to the keys, barranca Officers responded in RB19, but were unable to reach the two paddle boarders who were beset by the wind and unable to paddle out of the barranca. The RWC was utilized to tow the pair. They were transported to launch ramp and released.


5:30am, observed Small Craft Advisory issued this afternoon for July 4th holiday

12:23pm, dispatched to an assault at the 4Points Sheraton. Patient refused care.

10:03pm, receiving multiple complaints about fireworks around the harbor. Officers were unable to locate offenders for various reports of illegal fireworks.


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