Cayetana Conrad (AKA Tani) studio

Cayetana Conrad (AKA Tani) studio is located in Studio74 at the Bell Arts Factory 432 N. Ventura Ave.

I was born in San Francisco. My father was a writer and painter. My mother was an architect. All three of my siblings are in the arts. I went to college on the East Coast and raised my three children in Connecticut. In 2005 I moved back to California where I have always loved the light.

 “I currently live in Carpinteria, but enjoy the peaceful drive down to my studio at The Bell Arts Factory in Ventura every morning . When I start the nature and figure paintings which are done in oil paint , I always start with an intention, a loose plan , as opposed to the mixed media paintings which are done in acrylics and are completely intuitive. Aside from my Bell Arts Factory studio, some of my paintings can be seen at The Doora Collective on Main Street ( between Palm and Oak St.) in Ventura.”

Her work including mixed media and figures can be seen at For hours she is at her studion contact [email protected].

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