Enroll your child in an amazing learning and exploration summer experience

The MERITO Foundation’s Marine Science Beach Camp is a program that engages children in hands-on ocean science and stewardship activities. Children will learn and experience a variety of marine science concepts, explore the coastal environment, and play with ocean-themed games. They will be introduced to scientific monitoring, and marine art and poetry in a safe and healthy environment.

Week of July 12-July 16, 2021. Theme: ‘Tidepools, Fish & Plankton’

Children will get to experience being a marine scientist for the week by learning about the life at the tidepools, will collect and identify plankton using scientific equipment like plankton nets and microscopes; will learn to catch, identify, and release fish, about the different fishing practices, and about our local marine protected areas.

Week of July 19 – 23, 2021. Theme: ‘Birds, Whales and Whales’

During this 2nd week, children will get to be ornithologists (bird biologists), learn about local seabird species, and identify them through binoculars! Children will switch up and become marine mammologists (those who study marine mammals) to learn about the whales, dolphins, and sea lions that live or pass through our coast and the Channel Islands, such as the blue whales! Will also learn about wetlands, help restore their local Kalorama wetland, participate in beach cleanups, marine art, and beach scavenger hunts.

Times: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
3 days/week (M, W, F)
Location: At Buenaventura State Beach south of Ventura Pier.
Ages: 8 – 12 years of age
Cost: $200/week per child
Discounts for siblings and/or two weeks registrations are available
Scholarships available based on needs.

More details at https://www.meritofoundation.org/beachcamp

For any questions email us [email protected], or call 805-765-6326

You can register your child or grandchild at https://www.meritofoundation.org/marine-science-registration

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