Vol. 14, No. 18 – June 2 – June 15, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


8:54am, dispatched to an overdose at Harbor Cove Beach. Officers responded to a 60 y/o male who had taken 30 sleeping pills, loaded him into the patrol truck and transferred to AMR medics in the parking lot for transportation to hospital.

8:23pm, contacted by a woman near the Port District Longdock with a fishhook in her thumb. Officers performed first aid, but advised the patient needed to go to the hospital or urgent care to have a doctor remove the hook.


10:25am, observed several vessels of all types returning to the harbor because of the dramatic change in the weather with strong WNW gusting to 20 knots.

11:23pm, received a request for a jumpstart from the owner of a disabled vehicle parked near the fish-off-loading pier. Officers were able to start the vehicle.


12:02pm, received request for the beach wheelchair for an attendee of a wedding at Surfers Knoll. Officers delivered the chair to Surfers Knoll.

1:50pm, observed a Boat Club vessel in violation of speed and wake ordinance in the main channel of the harbor. Officers attempted several ways of contacting the novice skippers of the violation. The owners of the club were contacted and reminded to educate their members of safe boating practices and to ensure they always use VHF marine 16 when utilizing one of their boats.


5:30am, observed National Weather Service issued a Gale Warning for winds gusting to 35knots. Officers raised two pennants for the warning.

4:26pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue, pier jumper. Officers responded in Fireboat. The victim was retrieving beer thrown off pier. No injuries occurred.


12:03pm, while on patrol in fireboat, officers observed a 15ft pleasure craft in violation of speed/wake ordinance in mid harbor. Officers educated the skipper.


3:20pm, while on patrol in the truck, observed two young boogie boarders at Surfers Knoll dangerously close to a strong rip current. The parents and the pair of bodyboarders were educated about rip currents and the ocean.


9:55am, received a report/complaint of a black mastiff harassing other dogs and the owner brandishing knife when confronted. Officers relayed PD contact info.

12:05pm, contacted an outdoor adventure co. at Harbor Cove beach attempting to take a tour out. The guides were advised of the gale conditions and they agreed it was not a good idea to head out with novice kayakers.


7:55pm, dispatched to a person not breathing at Marina Park. Officers responded with multiple agencies. Patient received Narcan, was recovering from overdose.


10:45am, received report of a boating accident at VIM A-dock. Officers were in the area in Rescue B-17 and investigated. A 43ft sailboat lost power and collided with the dock and requested assistance back to their slip in B-dock.


5:20pm, dispatched to an unknown medical at the village. Officers responded and searched the area for a male slouched over the steering wheel, vehicle running. Eventually, the patient was located at Harbor Cove lot and found as reported. No medical, but VPD was investigating possible impaired driver.

5:22pm, dispatched to a animal bite at Harbor Cove. Harbormaster responded with multiple agencies and assisted with a 6 y/o with a bite wound. Patient was treated and released to parents and PD was investigating the incident.


6:25pm, receiving multiple reports a large motor vessel operating erratically in the mid harbor area. Officers responded and found the vessel in its slip in VHV. The skipper advised he experienced steering loss and steered with the engines causing wake and speed violations. Issued educational warning.
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