Vol. 14, No. 16 – May 5 – May 18, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 4/14 3:50pm, dispatched to an ocean rescue at Hobson Beach. Officers responded in Rescue B17 with multiple agencies. The victim was assisted to safely to shore.
Thursday 4/15 5:35pm, dispatched to a vessel aground at Oxnard Shores. Officers assisted Tow Boat US/OxFire with the 35ft motor vessel that was hard aground. The vessel was at first thought to be part of a movie shoot in the area.
Friday 4/16 5:03pm, while on patrol in Rescue B17, officers assisted the skipper of a small sailboat, a laser near the #4 buoy right itself. No injuries or damage sustained.

5:39pm, dispatched to a sick person near Island Packers building. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient.

Saturday 4/17 4:03pm, while on patrol, officers assisted a stranded motorist with a jump start for a dead battery in their vehicle near Andria’s seafood.

4:15pm, while on patrol in Rescue B17, officers educated several persons paddling SUP’s in violation of no personal floatation device through out the harbor. Officers also educated two vessels for speed/wake violations in harbor.

Sunday 4/18 10:20am, received several reports of an injured pelican at South Beach in the surfline. Officers responded, captured the bird for rescue volunteers.

11:15am, received report of an individual working on a commercial vessel in its slip near the fuel dock. Officers responded and issued written warning for debris in the water. Workers complied and removed what they could from the water.

Monday 4/19 1:33pm, received report of a lost/stolen dog at Surfers Knoll. Officers responded and assisted Ventura PD search, unfortunately they were unable to locate it.
Tuesday 4/20 3:18pm, received a report of an injured pelican near VWM D-dock. Officers responded, the RP called back and watched the bird fly away.

Thursday 4/22

10:36am, dispatched to a fall victim in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with treatment and preparing for transport.

Friday 4/23

9:45am, observed a large motor vessel struggling to maneuver in the Pierpont Basin. Officers were able to assist the disabled vessel and secure it to longdock.

9:23pm, officers broke up a gathering of 125 people at Surfers Knoll. Attendants to the social gathering dispersed peacefully and were young adults.

9:56pm, issued warning to skipper of disabled vessel at longdock for securing w/o permission, having a vessel in un-seaworthy condition, & no plan for a slip.

Saturday 4/24

10:10am, dispatched to a 18 y/o with a fractured femur on a PWC at the launch ramp. Officers responded by land and sea to assist VFD/AMR with the patient. After placing a traction splint, patient was transported to local hospital.

6:35pm, officers contacted & issued V/W to a food truck in Harbor Cove lot for conducting business without a permit. The truck closed shop and moved on.

11:01pm, received a request to park vehicle overnight to be a responsible driver in the Ventura Village parking lot. Officers complied, advised Courtsey Patrol.

Sunday 4/25

1:20pm, observed dangerous swimming conditions and officers contacted several inexperienced bathers about rip currents and a strong longshore current from a large South Swell. Rip currents increase with larger waves and currents.

1:37pm, dispatched to stroke victim in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted a 69 y/o female who recently suffered a major head injury and was extremely confused. Patient transported to local hospital.

5:27pm, dispatched to 1 y/o with a head injury near 1583 Spinnaker. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to assist the young patient.

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