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Submitted by Richard Senate

1860–all nine  eligible voters cast their votes for Abraham Lincoln at the Valdez Adobe. (One had to own land to vote–that would have included Raymundo Olivas). San Buenaventura liked Old Abe. No votes for Bell or Douglas.
In The 1860 township of San Buenaventura were the following:

Total Population                      377
Men        208
Women  169

California Born  309
Yankee Americans  3  (New York born)
Europeans             13     Spain, Italy, France & Prussia
Mexicans                17
South Americans      2  (Chile)
Indians 12  (Number could be off, perhaps greater)

Merchants    7
Stock raisers 13
Laborers        13   (Cowboys?)
Farmers           6
Saloon Keepers  2
Servants ?          9
Painters  1
Midwives 1
Cigar Maker  1
Hotel Keeper  1
Justice (Lawyer?)  1

Unlisted  is a Priest, (the Mission had one assigned). and a stable keeper (Peter Constancia) and a blacksmith (Figueroa).    Most likely two saloons, one hotel, seven stores selling a number of things, one tobacconist  with One Lawyer.

People had to vote.

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