Boyko and Reardon secures grant for Boys & Girls Club of Ventura

Michael Boyko, Funeral Director presents grant check to Peter McClintock of the Ventura Boys & Girls Club

Michael Boyko, owner and funeral director of the Joseph P. Reardon Funeral Home & Cremation Service and Boyko & Reardon Telegraph Road Mortuary & Cremation, both of Ventura has secured a grant from the Matthews Children’s Foundation for the Ventura Boys & Girls Club.  This grant will go towards furthering several of the Boys & Girls Club’s programs helping the youth of Ventura grow into healthy, responsible, productive members of our community.

“The Boys & Girls Club has so many positive engaging programs and I believe that following the Covid 19 epidemic the funds will go to certain good use as our community gets back on its feet with a particular emphasis in helping our young adults rebound from setbacks last year” Boyko said.

The Matthews Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with community funeral directors assisting with grants in support of children’s organizations.

The check for $1,000.00 was presented last week by Michael Boyko to Peter McClintock of the Boys & Girl’s Club of Ventura at the Joseph P. Reardon Funeral Home & Cremation Service, 757 E. Main Street in downtown Ventura.


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