Visit Ventura welcomes new team member Briana Diamond

Briana is a happy person who has melded work with joy.

Visit Ventura welcomes their new, talented, light-up-the-room Digital Marketing Assistant, Briana Diamond to the Visit Ventura team. Yes, Diamond has a resume — but she isn’t confined by one. She graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and Film with a bachelor’s in Visual Journalism in 2014. Which, not coincidentally, is the perfect pairing for a life of trail running, surfing, rock climbing, swimming, horseback riding, and, yes, photography.

“We are so thrilled to have a local photographer join the team,” said Marlyss Auster, Visit Ventura President & CEO. “We had worked with Briana on other projects, so we already knew that her outside-the-box creativity and passion for Ventura was a natural fit for the Visit Ventura team.”

As for Diamond, she is the happy person who has melded work with joy.

“My goal with photo and video is to capture the true beauty and connection nature brings us daily and to get outside,” she said. “I picked up my first camera when I was 7 years old and immediately knew this is what I want to do forever.”

Visit Ventura is a non-profit organization designed to increase visitor expenditures, tourism revenues, and local employment opportunities by promoting Ventura as a travel destination. During the pandemic they have turned their efforts toward doing the next right thing; including helping local businesses stay in business through various creative programs that emphasize supporting local.

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