Ventura Pottery Gallery celebrates 10 years at Ventura Harbor

Brian Pendleton, Ellen Wohlstadter, Chris Stephens, Drew Lurie, Wyn Matthews, and Mike Blumenberg at the Gallery.

What started as a three-month summer project to open a ceramic gallery at Ventura Harbor, grew to ten years and is still going strong. We thank the Ventura Port District Commissioners for awarding us a Ten Year Plaque.

Cecile Gurrola-Faulconer led the charge to open the Gallery and rallied eight intrepid potters to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in something other than clay. Cecile now states, “It has been such a joy to see the Ventura Potters’ Gallery artists and their ceramics rise to be seen as a premier art form in our community. Our members shine with both sculptural and functional items reflecting their own individual personalities. We are here to stay!”

Within the first month of being open the number grew to 15 participating artists. Over the ten years, 64 artists have traveled through the Gallery and there currently are 44 affiliated artists. Most have permanent displays, but consignment artists are encouraged to exhibit a few pieces each month.

The backbone is the Ventura County Potters’ Guild, a local non-profit that oversees its master plan while Gallery members join committees for its day-to-day running. Not only do we pull from Ventura County, but the only limit to participation is the distance a member is willing to drive for sitting a shift.

Be sure to stop by the Ventura Potters’ Gallery to view work from 44 local artists and potters. The Gallery is located at 1567 Spinnaker Drive, Suite 105 in Ventura Harbor and is open seven days a week from 11-6. Can’t make it in? Please visit our newly-launched Online Store at

More information can be found at

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