Vol. 14, No. 12 – Mar 10 – Mar 23, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wed 2/17

3:03pm, received a Mayday call from a commercial fishing vessel near the entrance to the harbor. Officers responded in Rescue B-19, found the vessel disabled and towed the boat to their slip in Ventura HV safely.

Thursday 2/18

11:45pm, received report of injured pelican at VWM G-dock. Officers responded with bird rescue volunteer and found the bird with a fishing hook in its beak. The responders were able to remove the hook from the bird.

Friday 2/19

12:13pm, dispatched to a medical aboard a 100ft crew boat inbound. Officers responded and escorted the vessel to the village fuel dock where AMR medics took the patient and transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

Saturday 2/20

9:50am, received request for traffic control of the main channel of the harbor from H.R. Morris dredge so they can drop the submarine pipe across the harbor entrance to dredge the sandtrap. Officers responded in the Fireboat and RB19.

12:15pm, received Mayday call of a sailboat in distress near Surfers Knoll in the surfline. The skipper was alerted to drop anchor and don lifejacket. Officers responded by land (Harb1) and sea (RB-19) to assist the distressed 16ft sailboat. Incredibly, the vessels anchor held in the surfline with large waves and officers were able to pass a line and towed the vessel back to the harbor, safely.

Sunday 2/21

12:55pm, received report of a personal watercraft operating in excess of 5mph from the launch ramp to the South Basin of the harbor. Officers responded, contacted the individual and issued warnings for no PFD and speeding.

Monday 2/22

6:45pm, received a request for navigation assistance from an inbound sailboat confused with the dredging equipment in the main channel. Officers were able to assist the vessel to safely navigate through the main channel.

Tuesday 2/23

6:29am, officers raising the flags to half mast to honor 500k Covid-19 victims

Wed 2/24

9:40am, received report of an individual harassing wildlife from rescue volunteer. Officers responded and issued a written warning to the offender.

Saturday 2/27

6:40am, officers observed NWS issued a Small Craft Advisory for NE winds.

11:02am, received report of suspicious transient walking through the Harbor Townpoint timeshare. Officers responded, found the perpetrator, and removed.

2:10pm, observed and contacted two individuals attempting to launch SUP’s from the district longdock. After a long debate, the pair were convinced to leave

Sunday 2/28

6:00am, observed NWS issued SCA for NE winds, raised SCA pennant.

3:47pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed a transient who dropped all of their belongings in the intersection of Navigator and Anchors way. They assisted the individual gather his belongings and put back on trailer.




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