Vol. 14, No. 11 – Feb 24 – Mar 9, 2021 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Tuesday 2/2

4:57am, receiving reports of a possible boat fire near Anacapa Island. Officers monitored radio coms between US coast guard and fishing vessels in the area. No boat fire was found, oil rigs burnoff or just the light boats in the area could have given reporting parties the illusion of a boat fire in the area.

Wednes 2/3

6:57am, received a report of an injured or sick seabird near Surfers Knoll. Officers found the injured Grebe, retrieved it for rescue volunteers to treat

Friday 2/5

10:51am, received dredging information from Manson construction. Pipe will begin arriving today. The dredge should arrive around 2/10 and begin shortly thereafter. The dredge cycle should last until March 15th.

Saturday 2/6

9:33am, received multiple reports of an injured pelican. Officers responded, found the injured bird and retrieved it for rescue volunteers to treat.

11:21pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed a vehicle with emergency lights flashing. The owner was intoxicated and had lost his key to turn off the lights. The individual is a crew member on one of the commercial vessels. He was helped to his vessel and the car lights flashed through the night.

Sunday 2/7

8:35am, receiving multiple reports of a transient possibly endangering himself near the launch ramp. Officers responded, found the individual and checked his welfare. The transient was alerted of concerns, complied and left the area.

Wed 2/10

10:35am, officers en route in the Fireboat to conduct traffic control for the Manson Dredge, H.R. Morris entering the harbor. Maintenance dredging of Ventura Harbor should last a month clearing the main channel, sandtrap and replenishing South Beach / Surfers Knoll areas of mass erosion.

Friday 2/12

12:34pm, dispatched to persons stuck in an elevator in the Ventura Harbor Village. Officers responded with VFD and found two children trapped. Responders were able to undo release tab on the door and release the kids.

Saturday 2/13

1:33am, dispatched to stage for a possible gun shot victim near Surfers Knoll. Officers responded with VPD, VFD and staged. Gun shots were heard but no injured persons were found after an extensive search of the area.
Sunday 2/14 10:25am, received report of a vessel taking on water at VWM A-dock. Officers responded with Tow Boat US on scene, dewatering and locating the source. Later in the day it was reported the leak was mitigated and pumps left onboard.

Monday 2/15

7:24am, observed an inbound vessel operating dangerously close to the dredge and North Jetty. Officers established contact on VHF 16 and were able to assist the large yacht navigate safely through the area. Any vessel navigating near the dredge H.R. Morris, should contact on VHF 16, then 67 for passing instructions.

Tuesday 2/16

11:15am, while on patrol in Rescue B-17, officers conducted a wellness check on a vessel that was taking on water in VWM a few days ago. No issues were noted with the vessel and it is scheduled to be hauled out tomorrow for repairs.

1:13pm, while on patrol in Fireboat 1, officers observed a seabird caught in a fishing line. Officers attempted to capture the bird to untangle the line, but the bird was able to free itself and fly away.



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