Month of awareness serves as a reminder to make heart health a priority

St. John’s Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital (SJPVH), members of Dignity Health Central Coast, recognize American Heart Month and the importance of cardiac health, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, and the medical experts at St. John’s urge community members to take action toward better heart health.

Adopting healthy habits such as exercising regularly, maintaining routine cardiac screenings, eating heart-healthy foods, and alleviating stress can have a positive impact on overall health and help prevent heart disease.

“The pandemic has been incredibly stressful for many and has deterred some individuals from keeping up with routine health screenings, including cardiac care,” says Robert Streeter, MD, Chief Medical Officer of St. John’s Regional Medical Center. “We encourage our community to make their health a priority by keeping up with their routine care and seeking medical attention at the onset of any symptoms.”

For cardiac emergencies such as stroke and heart attack, the emergency departments at SJRMC and SJPVH are safe and ready to care for the community. A delay in care can make all the difference in health outcomes.

The comprehensive cardiac program at St. John’s features: emergency heart care, various treatments for heart disease, including non-invasive cardiology services, surgical heart, and vascular interventions, electrophysiology treatments, beating heart surgery, minimally invasive valve repair/replacement, and a dedicated outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program.

To learn more about cardiac services at St. John’s Hospitals, please call St. John’s Cardiovascular Coordinator, Lorraine Herrick, RN, at 805.216.0502.

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