From everyone at Diversity Collective Ventura County – Thank you!

It’s almost trite to use the word “unprecedented” at this point, but that was 2020. We have all been hit by the pandemic in some way. But with your support, DCVC has prevailed and we are looking forward to a bright and healthy 2021.

In 2020, we were challenged early on and without warning to have to cancel our AIDS Walk event, asking participants to create something personal to continue the event on their own. You stepped up and a virtual event was formed. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. Together.

We then had to look to our Community Resource Center – a safe and healthy space for our community to gather. It was shuttered to further reduce the spread of COVID19, as well as comply with state mandates. We created our “Stay Safe Drive Through” events where anyone could come and get information, safe sex kits, masks, and hand sanitizer while maintaining social distance.

Virtual PRIDE was incredibly successful, and the amazing team that pulled it together included volunteers, staff, and board members. We reached viewership outside of Ventura County: San Francisco, New York City, and of course Los Angeles, all brought in viewers to enjoy a drag show, a contest, and lighthearted conversations from allies and friends.

With the experience we gained from the two former virtual events, it was a somber pleasure to bring Transgender Day of Remembrance to you. As we remembered those who went before us, we also took pride in where we stand as a community and look forward to the long road ahead.

You may have noticed that the Gala, usually in autumn, was non-existent. The Board of Directors felt that this is one event that really warrants a live audience, and we have postponed it for now. There are so many incredible people and organizations that have helped us along the way, we wish to honor them the way they deserve: in front of their peers and community.

Rainbow Umbrella is thriving and our youth are finding that virtual interaction is enlightening and fun. We have so many awesome things planned for 2021 – stay tuned. Speaking of youth, one of the good things to come out of this year is our new program, Little Unicorns, for LGBTQ, questioning, and ally kids ages 9-12. We commenced this program in October, and we already have a following of kids enjoying a place of inclusion and acceptance.

All these things happened because you cared enough to support our cause. THANK YOU!

To begin the new year, we are proud to announce that Tess Allen will be stepping into the role of Executive Director. Tess has worked in Development and Fundraising for many years, and we look forward to her leadership.

Just visit our website and click on the donation button. While you are there, please consider becoming a sustaining GEM (Give Every Month) member to receive more perks and information as we travel the year ahead!

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