Vol. 14, No. 04 – Nov 18 – Dec 1, 2020 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


6:45am, dispatched to a fire near Riverhaven. Officers assisted VFD with extinguishing the small warming fire. PD was questioning two persons nearby.


4:46pm, received a request to contact two dog owners with their dogs off leash near Surfers Knoll. Officers responded, found the pair as reported. Both were reminded of the leash law and requested to avoid one another to keep the peace.


9:35am, observed a heavy fog bank move in. Officers headed out in the Fireboat to escort some out riggers and small boats back to the harbor that were observed before the bank came in. Two outriggers and a small boat were assisted.

12:15pm, received report of an agitated transient attempting to purchase ice cream at a village store. Officers responded and followed the individual to the fuel dock, he attempted to purchase items. He was escorted out of the Harbor.


1:37pm, receiving multiple reports of aggressive and dangerous driving by participants of the presidential rally in VIM lot. Advised of limited resources to contain the large crowd and that Ventura PD has been advised and is responding.

2:35pm, while on patrol in Rescue B-17, observed a novice Standup paddler collide into Portside dock and fall into the water. Officers pulled the person out of the water and transported to big beach in the keys. No injuries were sustained


7:45am, received a report of a female transient sleeping near the boatyard and NPS offices. Officers responded and contacted the female. She believed the area was public land and that she could camp there. She was informed of the laws of special districts and given information for assistance to find housing.

5:39pm, dispatched to a boat fire in VWM B-dock. Officers responded in the fireboat to a 38ft M/V with an exterior fire that was being extinguished by boaters with extinguishers and dock fire hose. Harbor Patrol and VFD ensured that the fire was out and were assessing damage and the cause.


8:29am, received report of a dead body floating under the bridge in the barranca. Officers responded and found a realistic human sized companion doll in the area.

11:30am, while on patrol in the truck, contacted by concerned citizen that a sea bird, a grebe was entangled in seaweed near the South Jetty. Officers found the bird as reported, captured for sea bird rescue volunteer for rehabilitation.

1:54pm, dispatched to ocean rescue at the Ventura Pier. Officers responded and due to conditions had a delayed response. The victim was rescued by State Parks

4:15pm, dispatched to ocean rescue at Ventura Pier. The kite surfer was rescued by State Parks downcoast side of the Pier. Response delayed due to weather.


11:06am, dispatched to a medical alarm in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with AMR/VFD to the call. The 93 y/o patient was suffering from multiple aliments and was transported to local hospital for evaluation.

2:00pm, dispatched to a public service, canopy pinned onto roof in Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded and assisted VFD with securing it.

6:06pm, contacted 3 persons attempting to launch a small lake-type boat. They had just purchased it, wanted to try it out. Convinced them not in a gale at night.


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