Vol. 14, No. 03 – Nov 4 – Nov 17, 2020 – Movie Review

Streaming Spotlight by Cindy Summers
Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – Amazon Originals

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In a grand return to both the screen and American, Sacha Baron Cohen again takes everything head on in exposing American political corruption and prejudices with his new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. After embarrassing Kazakhstan on his first visit to American 14 years ago, Borat was pulled from prison for a new mission to America to give a gift to President Trump from the leader of Kazakhstan. However he was instructed not to give it directly to Trump, but instead to “pussy hound” Vice Premier Pence.

The gift was monkey Producer Johnny who was put in a crate and loaded on a ship with Borat that traveled around the globe to reach America. Upon arriving, Borat discovered that his daughter, whose name was Sandra Jessica Parker Sagdiyev but he referred to as Tutar, had stow away in the crate and eaten the monkey, therefore ruining the plan to gift him to Pence. His solution… gift his daughter Tutar instead.

Finally it was time to deliver Tutar to the “Vice Pussy grabber”. To disguise himself, he wore a KKK costume to sneak into the bathroom at CPAC 2020 where he disguised himself as Trump, tossed Tutar over his shoulder and ran through the conference announcing “Michael Pence I brought the girl for you. Don’t worry, I won’t get jealous, she’s not Ivanka” to the whole crowd, some who booed while others began chanting 4 more years to his clever Trump disguise. He was escorted out by secret service and police.

Tutar left chasing her dream of being an American journalist, and Borat tried to find her only to find the streets completely empty. A man outside a convenience store who explained that there was a virus and that everyone had to quarantine. Borat said he had nowhere to go and asked if he could stay at the guy’s home. Jerry where he shook hands and kissed them on both cheeks. 3 guys were asked if the virus or democrats were more dangerous, stating democrats and shared the fake news story of the Clinton’s being involved in drinking the blood of children.

Having failed with Trump and Pence, Borat decided the only way to save himself from a horrible death was to have his daughter marry Rudy Julliani. Tutar, now having fulfilled her American dream of being a journalist, met Julliani for an interview with the hopes of convincing him to marry her. Julliani shockingly followed her flirtations and both ended up in his bedroom with Juiliani being caught on camera laying prone on the bed with his hands in his pants.

They both returned to Kazakhstan, where knowing that he would be executed for his failure where he discovered his journey was actually what spread the coronavirus around the world, secretly planned all along by his country’s leader. Borat used his phone to record his leader admitting the truth, and bargained his silence for feminist rights, groom trafficing, access to smartphones and technology, with Tutar promoted the the 3rd top journalist in the country.

Sacha Baron Cohen is unflinching with his overt mockery of such taboo subjects as blatant racism, cosmetic surgery for kids, family sexual abuse, abortions, human trafficing, dealing with COVID-19 as well as a health dose of attacks on elitism and political leaders. For it’s style, it’s pure comedic genius, though some scenes may be a bit for some viewers to handle.

R (Graphic Nudity|Strong Crude & Sexual Content|Language)
1h 36m

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