CAPS Media continues to produce informative programming

The CAPS team covers a County COVID 19 Update.

The COVID crisis has not slowed down CAPS Media from continuing to produce informative programming for the City and County. Every week CAPS crews record the County’s COVID-19 updates and following the press conference, edit and distribute the valuable information in English and Spanish. The updates can be viewed on the County website at and on the CAPS Media website –

For the City of Ventura, CAPS has recently produced a series of videos for the Ventura Police Department and are in the final stages of producing a set of environmental and education videos for the City produced at the City garden. In addition, CAPS crews are currently in production on a second set of docent directed tours of the Olivas Adobe. This series captures the essence of the annual Candlelight Tour of the historic setting. Due to COVID restrictions the popular tours are not open to the public. In response, CAPS is collaborating with City staff to reimagine and capture the essence of the magical holiday celebrations that took place at the Olivas Adobe more than a century ago.

With Ventura Unified School District cautiously reopening and some students returning to the classroom, CAPS is opening the media center to the remarkably talented ECTV students in the award-winning El Camino High School communications program. The ECTV crew will return to the CAPS Media Center once a week, with all appropriate COVID protocols in place, to continue their media education studies and production of a variety of programs of particular interest to the teenagers. Included in the mix are additional profiles chronicling the Chicano activism movement of the past with participants who experienced the awareness-raising, cultural events in the Chicano Moratorium of 1970.

For the County, in addition to the COVID updates, CAPS crews are producing a set of videos for the Ventura County Medical Center to promote the nationally recognized and award winning medical residency program. For the Ventura County Fire Department, CAPS crews are creating an engaging and informative series of kitchen safety videos targeted to children. And for the County Registrar, as a follow-up to the series of voter information and educational videos CAPS produced for the office, CAPS is developing an in-depth program that will document the unprecedented efforts by the County to design, develop and coordinate the massive and tremendously successful vote-by-mail election effort for residents of Ventura County. The program is expected to include interviews with county officials, election workers and voters, and is planned to air on Channel 6 and 15, broadcast on CAPS Radio KPPQ 104.1 and be available on the CAPS Media website –

By the time this issue of The Breeze hits the street, the 2020 Election will be done. However at the time of publication, the results were not known. CAPS wants to thank and congratulate all of the local candidates for Ventura City Council areas 2, 3 and 7, and for the Ventura Unified Board Member representation for area 3. We appreciate your assistance during the campaign to work with us to record your candidate statements. More importantly, we thank you for your unselfish contribution to our community.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency the CAPS Media Center is closed to Members and the public until further notice. CAPS Member/Producers can submit programming via the online portal at for broadcast and streaming on CAPS public access television Channel 6 and on CAPS Radio KPPQ 104.1FM.

All of us at CAPS Media hope everyone is Staying Safe and Healthy during this challenging time.

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