“Wall of People” demonstration for justice in Downtown Ventura

by Richard Lieberman

An estimated 200 people showed up to participate in the silent Wall of People demonstration, sponsored by Justice For All Ventura County, Veterans For Peace Ventura County and Indivisible Ventura, on Saturday October 17. The protesters were there to raise awareness and advocate for “the health of our planet, the health of the ocean, the health of women’s rights, the health of black lives, the health of LGBTQ rights, the health of people, all of us earth is home, and to protect safe legal abortion.”

Christine Burke led a demonstration in Ventura for Justice for All.

Christine Burke, president of the board of Justice for All led a demonstration in Ventura this past Saturday, October 17th. The demonstration scheduled for one hour 11:30 to12:30 pm included socially distanced members of the group lining up along California Street from Main to the California Street bridge. Chalk circles along California Street each spaced six feet apart ensured each demonstrator maintained an appropriate distance from one another following CDC guidelines. All demonstrators were also required to wear masks.

“Justice for All started when two women here in Ventura wanted to march for the injustices of the people who are being marginalized and the felt they wanted to partner with the women’s march, but also make a stand that it just isn’t women its everyone, we need justice for everybody,” she said. Contacted by the national organization that conducts the yearly women’s march the group was asked to participate this year. In answer to the national organization Burke said “Of course we will participate, but we always do it our own way.” The board of Justice for all discussed the upcoming march and protest and came up with some ideas to keep participants safe. “We wanted people to feel safe so we really couldn’t do a march, why don’t we do a wall of people standing and do a silent installation of voting for the health of our democracy, our bodies women, black lives matter, you know the whole thing.” Added Burke.

Its estimated nearly 200 people joined the demonstration along with street traffic honking horns and passerby’s signaling agreement with the protestors.

“My own personal beliefs are if you are listening to all sides which is what we want everybody to do and that’s why we are not out here saying vote for a particular person, but we want people to think through their votes, my observations of the people who are voting for Trump and support Trump they really don’t know what they are voting for and if they really listened to what was going on they might un-dig their heels.” Said Burke.

“We really just want to inspire community and really gather people together and remind them that this process is important. That being out here and showing and being involved in the political process its important and I think we have lost that along the way and the one thing has come out of the last four years of our government is that people have woken up to that again, on all sides“ she added.

Photos by Richard Lieberman

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